Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini-honeymoon... continued...

Singapore nearing Christmas was really pretty. There were festive decorations everywhere. Erm, since we didn't have anyone else to snap a photo of the two of us together, at least our feet were proof we were there... Hehehehehe... ;)

On that Friday evening, my husband and I decided we wanted to go to Sentosa Island, just for a night stroll. We wanted to get tickets to Universal Studios for Saturday, but tickets were completely sold out. Well, it was during the school holidays and Singapore was practically jam-packed with people. So, off we went to Sentosa Island.

Since it was night time, many of the attractions were already closed...but, we did manage to get our hands on a pair of tickets to the "Songs of The Sea" show. Yay!! :)

The show only lasted less than a 1/2 hour, but it was enjoyable. We were quite immersed with the whole show that we didn't really get many good photos. Hehehe... Sentosa Island is very pretty at night... the lights, the decorations, etc, etc, etc. :)

The huge Christmas tree at Vivo City. So pretty! (I seem to like using the word "pretty" this time, ya? Hehehe).

Friday was soon over and it was Saturday morning. Since we didn't get tickets to Universal Studios, we planned to just go around Singapore until it was time for us to catch our bus back to Malaysia later that night. Singapore Flyer was our first choice to start the day. :)

After getting off the Flyer, we headed towards the Olympic Youth Park, Esplanade, Merlion... all on foot. Whoa...did we really walk that day. That wasn't the end of it. We just walked and walked here and there. From Marina Bay / Esplanade to Bugis Street, to Arab Street, to Kampong Glam (where we performed our prayers at the mosque) and finally we walked towards Lavender Street, to wait for our bus. Fuh! How our bodies ached the next day. Hehehe...

Just a little row of shops on our walk towards Arab Street. Isn't the view just adorable? :)

So, I guess, that sums up my mini-honeymoon in Singapore. Yay! I finally finished on this. Hahahaha... I hope to go to Singapore again in the future, specifically to Universal Studios and Sentosa Island, as a whole...and for a real holiday with my loved one(s). :D

End of January

January is already coming to an end, and I didn't really post anything throughout the month! Yikes! I have so much that I want to blog about, but always end up not blogging. Boohoohoo... :p
I'm gonna work on my next post (most probably the continuation of my mini honeymoon story...hehehe) and hopefully will post it up before February ends, ya! ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011



Ps: very, very, very short post... I know. Hahaha! :p