Friday, November 9, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Writer's block!

I'm currently having a so-called "writer's block". Boo hoo hoo... :p

The setting is right, the ambiance is also good... son asleep, hubby with his own work... yet, I can't seem to type up anything for my research proposal! Huhu... I've been in front of my laptop for the past 45 mins, but I've only typed an itsy bitsy eensy short sentence in my proposal paper. So, I consider myself of having a writer's block. Haha!

I am supposed to meet my academic supervisor tomorrow noon, with a nice little draft of my research proposal which is part of my preparation for my upcoming proposal defense session. However, I am stuck at what to write/summarize/etc. I have the required literature reviews and others, but I can't seem to put them nicely into proper academic summaries. Am I making much sense here? ;)

Anyways, I'm going to work on it for an hour or two more. If the "block" is still on, I guess I should just go to bed and prepare myself to be prepped by my supervisor tomorrow. Hahaha... :p

Friday, November 2, 2012

La la la...

Wow! Months without a proper post?? Haha… I’ve really outdone myself this time. I’ve been so occupied with a gazillion things that I didn’t realize it’s been months since my last proper post (about my colloquium in March! Haha). What’s been happening for the last few months? Well, like I said just now, a gazillion things. Haha! It hasn’t been that many things but feels like it (but much has happened. :p). With my active little son around, time definitely flew by quicker than it used to. J

So, my son is now close to 14 months of age. Over a year old already. J Active as ever as he is beginning to become very inquisitive and “hungry” all the time. Why “hungry” (in inverted commas)? Simply because he bites into whatever he can get into his mouth. Hehehe. Adam Asyraf practically skipped a step in growing up. He was still unable to crawl at nine months age but he could sit up well on his own and get on his two feet quickly enough as well when there is something to hold on to (be it his mama, his daddy, any person nearby or whatever his little hands can grab on to). ;) Then, just after 1 day after his 1st birthday, he started walking. Yay! Haha... Now, at almost 14 months old, he's starting to run. ;)

Anyways, a bit of this and that since March 2012... Erm, here goes:

April 2012: My 29th birthday, on the 29th of April! Hehehe... Had a family celebration, went to KL Bird Park. Very nice trip.

May 2012: Went to perform "Umrah" with my darling hubby, his parents and his aunt and uncle (i.e. 3 couples). My baby boy was left in the tender loving care of my dear parents for two weeks. "Umrah" was absolutely wonderful, truly blessed to have been there. Praying that I'll be guests at the Holy Land again with my hubby.

June 2012: Signed agreements at the Land & District Office. Oh, we bought a house! Yay!

July 2012: My poor baby boy was admitted to hospital, suspected food poisoning. 4D3N of sleeping in a ward. Lucky for me there was a single room available during admission. Pay a bit extra, but gained a whole lot more comfort than a twin-sharing ward.

August 2012: Eidul Fitri! :)

September 2012: My baby boy's 1st birthday! Yay! :)

October 2012: Office family day at Port Dickson... Much, much fun! Haha! Plus a wonderful Eidul Adha break. Took an extra off work just to spend more time at my hometown. :)

November 2012: Erm, it's just been 2 days into the month... We'll see what more is waiting. Hehehe... Erm, having my Master's proposal defense session mid this month. Erk! Not looking forward to it! :p

Here's a couple of photos, just for the sake of having photos for now... Haha!

My little hero... His oh-so-cute costume hand sewn by Opah (my mama a.k.a. his grandmama)
Hi! Adam Asyraf with his pretty cousins... Hanisah (left) & Sakinah (centre)


Just a quick (very quick) post... with just my boy's photo. Hehehe...