Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yay! My colleague and I have completed our knowledge sharing session with the office (basically conducted an interactive presentation session). :) Feels good to finally get it over with. Pretty good response from the session participants, I must say. Hehehe...

Oh, my colleague and I attended a 2-days "Composite Materials & Structures" training at a local university last week (been so busy this past week, I've not updated this little blog of mine. :p). It was definitely interesting, in a for-research-purposes kind of way i.e not too much punch on industrial applications. ;) However, any training session is resourceful and eye-opening.

Ooops, gotta stop here. It's actually office hours and I just wanted to take a short break after the sharing session. ;)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


My sister's triplets practically "terrorized" my brother's home a couple of weeks ago, when we were having a family gathering. Hehehe... It was a fun yet extremely tiring experience. ;)

The pic below was actually taken whilst chasing them out of the kitchen (pit stop at the kitchen table!)...
They've all been given an "extra" haircut from their dad, due to minor so-called "technical" error. Haha! ;) Still, aren't they just adorable (and cheeky-looking???)? <3

A little garden

My own little garden... I simply mixed and matched the beads and charms with the adorable flowers-and-butterflies metal bookmark charm. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

1431 Hijrah

Today's the new year in the Islamic calendar. 1431 Hijrah. :)

I pray to God that this new year brings new spirit, to get me through another year. The past year has been wonderful, terrible, miscellaneous. :p So many downs intertwined with the many ups. In a way, my life motto(s) is simple.

Life goes on. Learn from experience. Don't be afraid to take chances. Live, Love, Laugh, Have Faith. Whatever happens, remember God, family, friends.

Life doesn't always go the way we plan it or want it to be, but just make the best out of it. Like Albert Einstein once said, "Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you have to keep moving". :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I've won two wonderful giveaways! :D

3rd prize for Little Maketto's "Christmas Comes Early Giveaway" and "Made For You By Mrs. Woo". I'm so happy, I can hardly believe I won. (Note: I'm usually not too lucky at winning things, so these winnings are a real boost for me, especially when I'm usually feeling stressed with this-and-that these days... Hehe).

OK, now I need to go to bed. Working in the morning... Zzzzzzz...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Just For You Giveaway featuring Crow & Iris

Another wonderful jewelery giveaway... :)

Love.Obsess.Inspire has a wonderful segment on its site, known as Just For You. This segment of the site offers wonderful giveaways, especially for its readers. :)

For this week, it is having a great Just For You Giveaway Featuring Crow & Iris. Crow & Iris is ever so generous to giveaway a pair of exquisite earrings, Nights.Herald, as shown in the photo below:
Like I said, isn't it just exquisite? I love simple yet elegant accessories. Crow & Iris definitely offers a whole bunch of them. ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cypress Sun Necklace...

I was blogwalking when I found this wonderful site, It seems that there is a great giveaway going on, until tomorrow... So, hope I'm not too late to join. :)

The giveaway prize is the Cypress Sun necklace in the photo below, taken from the site... Isn't it lovely?

I've visited her Etsy shop too. I just love everything there, among them being the Brown Velvet Luxe necklace strand for Cypress Sun necklaces and Aqua Zen necklace. The accessories on her Etsy shop are down-to-earth yet shines with elegance. :)

Novita's fabulous birthday giveaway

I've been quietly following verypurplestuffs for some time now. Lotsa nice stuff, trust me. Hehe... Novita from verypurplestuffs is extremely creative. She's having a fantastic giveaway, in conjuction with her birthday on Nov. 30th. :) Happy belated birthday, dear! Otanjoubi omedetou!

Oh, I've tried to post the photos of this fantabulous giveaway from her blog to this post, but somehow I can't seem to add images. Huhuh... So, as an alternative, click on the word giveaway to get to the giveaway post on her site. (all of the "giveaway" words in this post has the link. There's about 6! Hehe...)

For me, I just love the Matroyshka dolls. They're simply adorable...not to mention the 2010 sticker calendar too, which I simply heart too. ;) I really, really hope I am in the close running to win the giveaway, which ends on this Sunday, 6th December... The items are just oh-so-adorable! :D

Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Step Photo Vinyl Wall Art...

Gosh, I've pretty much stumbled on another of my fave things over at Grosgrain's... This time, wall art! Hehehe... I live in a rented place, so I basically can't really do much with the walls. So, wall art (stickers, as some may simply call them) are pretty much a good option for decorating my lonely walls. ;)
Anyways, First Step Photo is having a great giveaway, and I sincerely hope I'm valid to join it (and perhaps win!). :) Aren't these nice?

More are on their Etsy shop... Me likee very much - "Lady Bugs Sticker Decals", "Swirl Whimsical Tree With Birds", "Birds on a Line Wire", "Bubble and Ring Funky Whimsical Tree", "Large Field of Cut Flowers", "Butterfly Pack"... :D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Brass Hussy Giveaway!

While browsing through Grosgrain's blog, found another interesting giveaway. Again, hope I'm still in time to join this. Hehehe...

The giveaway this time hits me right where I am most affected, pretty much! :) I've always loved jewelleries, and this is another fantastic giveaway for them. Haha! The photos below are taken from Grosgrain's giveaway post...

Aren't they superb? There's many more beauties at The Brass Hussy's Etsy. Some of my picks would have to be, other than the above filigree rings... "Brass Heart Poision Locket Ring", "Lilacs - Brass Oval Earrings", "Long Lovely Brass Dangle Earrings", "Musical Swirls with Green Filigree Capped Dangle Earrings". :)

Lovely, lovely bags (gift card) giveaway! :D

Oh, I was browsing through several blogs when I found this wonderful giveaway... It's featured over at The giveaway is simply fabolous, as I am looking for beautiful bags for me to tote about here and there...hehehe...

A couple of the bags are...
There are dozens more great bags on Charm Designs etsy shop. A few of my favourites are "Ginseng Wildflowers in Stone - 2 ways Hands-free Style Shoulder Bag ( Removable strap)", "Orchid in Chocolate - Shoulder Bag", "Winter Love (Wine) - 2 ways Hands-free Style Shoulder Bag ( Removable strap)", "Orchid in Thyme - 2 ways Hands-free Style Shoulder Bag ( Removable strap)", "Bird in Yellow Garden (Pink) - Charm Tote", and "Forest (Brown) - Charm Tote", among the many. ;)

Whatever it is, hope I'm not too late in joining this beautiful giveaway! :)

Made For You by Mrs. Woo

There's a gorgeous giveaway over at sweettidings. I absolutely heart the giveaway prize, a vintage necklace that's just simple yet very elegant.

Cross my fingers and hope to win! ;)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Need more time...

I know I haven't been properly updating this for quite some time. Well, life's been pretty full, ups and downs, happy and sad, etc, etc, etc. However, I have been doing quite a bit of "crafting"...which unfortunately I can't share yet the photos at the moment, coz my camera battery is totally out and I need to re-charge it first. Even plugging the USB to the PC is not helping at the moment (since the battery's completely exhausted! Hehe).

Anyways, this long 4-day weekend (due to the AidilAdha celebrations) has seem to pass as quickly as it came. No, I did not get a lot of my office work done (although I planned to complete them as much as possible). :p But, I did manage to leisurely watch a number of the Korean and Japanese dramas/shows that I've downloaded some time ago. Finally watched them...hehehe... Now, my eyes are pretty sore from watching too many dramas and not getting enough sleep! Oh, how it reminds me of my uni weekends...hahaha! ;)

Whatever it is, I had a good time on Thursday, watching two movies back-to-back at the theater. "Ninja Assassin" and "New Moon" (poster photos taken from

Overall, I really enjoyed both movies, immensely! Hahaha... didn't think I was gonna enjoy Ninja Assassin all that much, with all the gory, bloody scenes and all, but I did enjoy watching it. The plot and acting were pretty OK. I've actually been anticipating this movie for quite some time, since Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) is the main actor in it. Being an avid fan of his, I've been staying updated with his activities. So, this movie has been quite some time coming. Finally, I got to watch it, and I am happy I did. ;) I miss Rain! Can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I went to his concert is Jan. 2007. He's a really good entertainer. :)

Regarding New Moon, I definitely enjoyed watching it (already planning to watch it 2nd time with a few friends from office next week. Hehe)... I loved the cinematography and all. the CGI not too bad (better than Twilight, I should say). In a nutshell, loved the movie! ;)
Friday was AidilAdha celebration. I had an overall good time too that day. Since my parents are away performing their Hajj, I went over to my sister's on Thusday. Tagged along with her to her mother-in-law's on Friday morning. Once the triplets settled down with their grandma and uncles, my sister and I took our chance and went off to a book sale. Hehehe... We're pretty much bookworms (or should I say, "novelworms"?? :p), so, can't let the chance pass by! ;)

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale was crazy! The books were really cheap, and mostly in (very) good condition. I managed to grab 5 novels, at only RM40! Hehehe... Actually went to the venue (Armcorp Mall, PJ) on Thursday, but the traffic and queue were crazy. I went round and round for parking for about 4 times (circa 1 hour) before finally giving up and went off (and ended up with the back-to-back movie watching! Hehe). Oh, the novels that I bought are also the reason for me having sore eyes and not getting enough sleep. Whenever I felt tired of watching dramas on my PC, I turn to my novels. :D

Finished reading Harlan Coben's "The Woods" Friday night. Currently finishing up on Norah Roberts "Valley of Silence", book 3 from her "The Circle Trilogy". I've finally collected all 3 books. Yay! :)

OK, it's close to midnight now. I'd better be off to bed. Plenty of work waiting in the morning... :p

A couple of days late...but...

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Smile a little more...

Another beautiful song from the SBS drama series, "You're Beautiful"...

My Heart's Calling - Kim Dong Wook

Smile a little more, with a happy smile
So that you can comfort my heart that keeps looking for you
Smile a little more, so that the world would be jealous
So that my heart that keeps calling for you would not be able to become greedy

My heart curses at me, because I can’t even say I love you
My tears burst, because my longing for you flows and flows
Only that sad phrase has been struck to my throat like a thorn
And remain in my ears the whole day..

Why does it have to be you
Why did I have to love you
Even if I shake my head and deny it
I can’t let you go

My heart curses at me, because I can’t even say I love you
My tears burst, because my longing for you flows and flows
Only that sad phrase has been struck to my throat like a thorn
And remain in my ears the whole day..

I love you, I love you forever
Even if you don’t look at me
Even if I say it a thousand times, you don’t know
Even if I wait at the same spot, you don’t know
My foolish love that simply looks at you like an idiot
You don’t know
No matter what..

Credits to

ps: Hope to update my blog with my latest handmades soon, during the 4-days break...hopefully! ;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Without Words...

After over a week with no posts, just wanted to include the lyrics to my current fave song (one of 'em, anyways! Hehehe)...

Without Words / Yeo jeon hi
SBS "You're Beautiful" O.S.T
Credits to: maccay [romanization] , avetsada [hangul] , NulSaRangHae@youtube [translation] , jlinkify@youtube


ha ji mal geor geu raess eo mo reun cheog hae beo ril geol
하 지 말 걸 그 랬 어 모 른 척 해 버 릴 걸
i should have done that. i should have ignored it.

an bo i neun geot cheo reom bol su eopt neun geot cheo reom
안 보 이 는 것 처 럼 볼 수 없 는 것 처 럼
like something i couldn't see

neor a ye bo ji mar geor geu raet na bwa
널 아 예 보 지 말 걸 그 랬 나 봐
i shouldn't look at you at all

do mang chir geor geu raess eo mot deur eun cheog geu reol geol
도 망 칠 걸 그 랬 어 못 들 은 척 그 럴 걸
i should have run away. i should have acted like i didn't hear it.

deut ji do mot ha neun cheog deur eur su eopt neun geot cheo reom a ye ne
듣 지 도 못 하 는 척 들 을 수 없 는 것 처 럼 아 예 네
like something i couldn't hear.

sa rang deut ji anh eur geol
사 랑 듣 지 않 을 걸
I shouldn't have listened to love at all

mal do eops i sa rang eur al ge ha go mal do eops i sa rang eur nae ge ju go
말 도 없 이 사 랑 을 알 게 하 고 말 도 없 이 사 랑 을 내 게 주 고
without a word , you let me know love. without a word, you give me love.

sum gyeor ha na jo cha neor dam ge hae noh go i reoh ge do mang ga ni kka
숨 결 하 나 조 차 널 담 게 해 놓 고 이 렇 게 도 망 가 니 까
you made me even hold of your breath but you ran away like this (?)

mal do eops i sa rang i na reul tteo na mal do eops i sa rang i na reur beo ryeo
말 도 없 이 사 랑 이 나 를 떠 나 말 도 없 이 사 랑 이 나 를 버 려
without a word, love leaves me. without a word, love tossed me away.

mu seun mar eur hal ji da mun ib i hon ja seo nol lan geos gat a

무 슨 말 을 할 지 다 문 입 이 혼 자 서 놀 란 것 같 아
what should I say next ? my closed lips were surprised on their own

mal do eops i wa seo
말 도 없 이 와 서
coming without any words

wae i reoh ge a peun ji wae ja kku man a peun ji
왜 이 렇 게 아 픈 지 왜 자 꾸 만 아 픈 지
why does it hurts so much ? why does it hurts continuously ?

neor bol su eopt da neun geo ne ga eopt da neun geo mal go
널 볼 수 없 다 는 거 네 가 없 다 는 거 말 고
except for the fact that i can't see you anymore. and that you are not here anymore.

mo du ye jeon gwa ttok gat eun geon de
모 두 예 전 과 똑 같 은 건 데
otherwise, it's the same as before.

mal do eops i sa rang eur al ge ha go mal do eops i sa rang eur nae ge ju go
말 도 없 이 사 랑 을 알 게 하 고 말 도 없 이 사 랑 을 내 게 주 고
without a word , you let me know love. without a word, you give me love.

sum gyeor ha na jo cha neor dam ge hae noh go i reoh ge do mang ga ni kka
숨 결 하 나 조 차 널 담 게 해 놓 고 이 렇 게 도 망 가 니 까
you made me even hold of your breath but you ran away like this (?)

mal do eops i sa rang i na reul tteo na mal dong beos i sa rang i na reul beo ryeo
말 도 없 이 사 랑 이 나 를 떠 나 말 동 벗 이 사 랑 이 나 를 버 려
without a word, love leaves me. without a word, love tossed me away.

mu seun mar eur hal ji da mun ib i hon ja seo nol lan geos gat a
무 슨 말 을 할 지 다 문 입 이 혼 자 서 놀 란 것 같 아
what should I say next ? my closed lips were surprised on their own

mal do eops i nun mur i heul leo nae ryeo mal do eops i ga seum i mu neo jyeo ga
말 도 없 이 눈 물 이 흘 러 내 려 말 도 없 이 가 슴 이 무 너 져 가
without a word, tears fall. without a word, my heart breaks down.

mal do eopt neun sa rang eur gi da ri go mal do eopt neun sa rang eur a pa ha go
말 도 없 는 사 랑 을 기 다 리 고 말 도 없 는 사 랑 을 아 파 하 고
without a word, i waited for love. without a word, love hurts me.

neoks i na ga beo ryeo ba bo ga doe beo ryeo ha neul man bo go u ni kka
넋 이 나 가 버 려 바 보 가 되 버 려 하 늘 만 보 고 우 니 까
I zone out. I become a fool because i cry looking at the sky.

mal do eops i i byeor i na reul chaj a mal do eops i i byeor i nae ge wa seo
말 도 없 이 이 별 이 나 를 찾 아 말 도 없 이 이 별 이 내 게 와 서
without a word, firewell finds me. without a word, the end comes to me.

jun bi do mot ha go neo reur bo nae ya ha neun nae mam i nol lan geos gat a
준 비 도 못 하 고 너 를 보 내 야 하 는 내 맘 이 놀 란 것 같 아
i think my heart was surprise to send you away without any preparations.

mal do eops i wa seo
말 도 없 이 와 서
it came without a word.

mal do eops i wat da ga mal do eops i tteo na neun
말 도 없 이 왔 다 가 말 도 없 이 떠 나 는
without a word, it comes and leave.

ji na gan yeol byeong cheo reom jam si a peu myeon doe na bwa ja kku hyung teo man nam ge doe ni kka
지 나 간 열 병 처 럼 잠 시 아 프 면 되 나 봐 자 꾸 흉 터 만 남 게 되 니 까
like the fever before, maybe all i need to do is hurt for a while.

ps: I'm actually not feeling well home, sick with runny nose n sore throat. :p

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me happy!

I am super duper happy!!! Why?? Because a very old friend of mine contacted me via my FB last night! Yay! Carol Anne, thank you so much for being able to track me. Hehehe... That statement kinda make it seem like I was on missing persons' list or trying to hide from her or something. :p

Anyways, we go a loooong way back. She's one of my closest (and first!) friends I ever had when I was living in Glasgow, Scotland. Thanks to her, and many others, she made me feel welcomed and ignored my differences (I was practically the only Malaysian student in the school! Haha!).

Gosh, I guess I'm quite on a roll these past couple of weeks, finding old friends back via FB. Last week, I got in touch with a few of my high school friends, and this week, Carol Anne found me. :) I'm happy! :D

Oh, I plan to go survey/purchase some more charms or crystals (embelishments) for my DIY stuff. I've made a few more things, but haven't been able to upload them yet. Something wrong with my Internet connection at home. I'm at the office right now...Ooops, almost 7pm...time to go! ;)

PS: My mama called me earlier today. She and my dad are doing well in Makkah, and performing their Hajj nicely. Therefore, another thing that made me happier! ;)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Toki Wo Tomete

Tohoshinki's latest single, released on 6th Nov. 2009. I've only managed to get a pretty nice quality of the song. Love it to pieces... Aaaahh... Ballads by THSK always catches my heart. :)

Toki wo Tomete — Please Stop Time

Like they are hurrying away, the summer’s constellations
Lean between the buildings and hide away
The days that pass us by
Sometimes, even little tiny things make me want to cry

That store that you said you wanted to go to so long ago
It’s already gone now, but
Every day, the two of us
We believed that our love would never end

I want to stop time, and stay next to you forever
I want to hold you even more
While remembering every single thing about you
I had faith in only forever

I want to stop time, and stay next to you forever
I look up at the sky, and wish with all my heart
One by one, I link together the glistening starts
And I ended up looking for the shape of you

I want to stop time, and stay next to you forever
I want to hold you even more
While remembering every single thing about you
I had faith in only forever

Credits to aly @ DBSKnights (DBSK Sleepless Nights) for the wonderful translation.

Especially made for...

Mobile phone charms for Kak Nena's girls and the dangly earrings for Agnes (Happy Birthday dear!). :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Time Traveller

It's been one heck of a hectic week! :p But, I've managed to get through it. Hehehe... And the icing on the cake was my dad giving me a call yesterday, which made everything great. :D
I miss my Abah and Mama a lot. I really, really do. I've always been their big baby, so I miss them a lot. I try my best to control my feelings when they call, coz I don't wanna let them worry about me or become disturbed during their pilgrimage. I love them. :)
It's Saturday, but after thinking things through, I decided to stay in for the day. Cuddled up on my bed with a really nice good to have alone, quality time... To some it may seem a boring way to spend the weekend, but for me, after everything that's been going on this week, it's my personal haven. :) Maybe I'll go somewhere for a bit tomorrow... ;)

ps: The novel abovementioned is called "The Time-Traveller's Wife" by Audrey Niffeneger. It's a beautiful novel... :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another bookmark :)

I made another bookmark the other day... What do u think? ;)

I got the metal charm from Little Maketto (Min, do u have more?? Hehehe...). The others (8mm pink China doughnut crystal, 4mm Swarovski crystals in shades of blue/green, butterfly and rose metal charms) from (another of my fave supplies shop).

A few friends at work are already eyeing the bookmark (and the one I made last time). But, they're only one-piece items. I'm a hobbyist, so my items are all one-of-a-kind, unless I specially make a few identical ones, such as the handphone charms here, which I made for my best friends and I...hehe. :)

Little Maketto's Giveaway!

Oh, one of my fave blogshops is having a giveaway! Yay! *smiling from ear to ear*

Little Maketto has all these wonderful and unique items (accessories such as earrings, bracelets, bracelets, and even unique accessories such as mini hats and the such). Below are just a few of the items I've bought from there...

Aren't they wonderful?? I'm really into earrings. Hehehe... Oh, did I mention the prices are all very reasonable, plus the ever-so-friendly owner, Min?? ;)

The link to her giveaway is embedded in the photo...just click on it and join the giveaway fun! :) Regardless the giveaway, Little Maketto is definitely a site to visit for all the wonderful items that she has.

ps: Sorry for the poor photo quality. Me not a very good at taking photos... ;)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holland Fabric House giveaway!

Another giveaway I've stumbled upon today... Yay! :D Thanks to for the info. I absolutely love the items from the shop. The link's on the photo below. :)
I wonder if I could win this one?? I'm really into fabrics and buttons nowadays. Cross my fingers! :)


I was blogwalking and stumbled across this site, There's a wonderful fabrics giveaway going on! Hope I'm not too late to join, as it ends at midnight...yikes! I'd love to win! :)


My dad just sms-ed me... He and mama have safely arrived in Mekah (Mecca) late last night. Alhamdulillah... :D


I just went on a shopping spree for my handmade crafts last weekend! Yay! Spent quite a bit (a lot?? Haha!) of money, but am really happy with my items... Will be working on a few projects... Wait & see, ya... Amateur at this... ;)

Sweet Mango's Game... Tulips & Buttons, please! :)

Though most of the time I stay quiet, I love blogwalking. :) I stumbled across this one unique blog that I like a few months back, but haven't gone back for some time. Ooops! :p

Suddenly, I remembered to visit her blog again. Hehehe... and she's having a giveaway! Yay! Sweet sweet mangosteenskin... :)

Aren't the ones in the photos just too cute?? I'd really love my own signature stamp of tulips and buttons...pretty please... :)


Lolitas... hehehe... :D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Orange Range...

Trying my luck at making a bookmark charm...hehehe...

Got the metal bookmark from She's got lotsa nice things on her site. :) The others (metal charms, plastic beads, artistic wire) I got off from The people there are really nice and efficient. Pleasure dealing with them.

Oh, the book I used as "model" is called "The Face of Death" by Cody MacFayden. I love his books, got all 3 of them. Excited about his next book, entitled "Abandoned", due out in stores here in Malaysia sometime November 2009! Yay! :D

Monday, October 26, 2009


Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty God, my parents are able to perform their pilgrimage this year. They went last Thursday. I miss 'em already! ;)

I've had a pretty full week due to that, among others. My parents held a gathering (doa selamat) the weekend before they went. I even managed to get myself hurt during the preparations! :p We were setting up the guest tent when one of the poles accidentally fell on my left feet. Ouch! Still hurts a little, even after over a week now.

Whatever it is, I am very thankful to God that my parents are able to perform this wonderful ibadah. To all family and friends who have wished them well and sent them off with prayers and safe journey, I can never repay your kindnesses.

The pilgrimage (Hajj) is one of the five Pillars of Islam. It is a religious practice for all Muslims that have the capacity to do so (health and sufficient funds, etc). It is not strictly compulsory, but made a choice for Muslims to either perform it or not, depending on their individual abilities. I've already opened up a Tabung Haji account, the moment I started working. However, it was only last month that I registered for Hajj. :p I pray to God that my funds will be more than sufficient soon enough, for I would love to perform Hajj in my lifetime. :)

Whatever it is, I pray for my parents' health, so that they may perform their ibadah as smoothly as possible, and come back here, insyaAllah. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yum! ;)


The internet connection's so *tut* (:p) these past few days! Last week it was my PC, now it's the connection. Urgh! I've been wanting to update this little blog of mine for ages...but the connection's been bad. It has only started to be acceptable starting midnight. I'm damn sleepy already right now.

A lot have been going on for the past 11-12 days. Will update again later (hopefully... :p)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Something's definitely not right with my PC, and internet connection. It seems that the USB channels of my PC are kinda rebelling against me. Huhuhu... I can't seem to plug-and-play anything to it. When I tried my external drive on my office PC earlier today, it was OK. However, my home PC is acting up a bit. :p

Can't even transfer photos from my camera to my PC. Huhuhu... I so wanted to share the items I've gotten by post last week, as well as the bookmarks I've made using those items. :p

Urgh...guess I'll just share the photos another time. Same goes with my internet connection. It seems to be going "on and off" on its own tonight. Urgh...annoying.

Let's forget about that for a bit. All in all, I had a pretty good day today. Just got news that my parents will be going to Mecca next week, for the pilgrimage (Hajj). Alhamdulillah...praise to the almighty God. :D

That said, I need to go to bed soon. I'll be attending a technical seminar on polyamide (nylon) tomorrow, in Petaling Jaya. Going there together (car-pool) with a colleague. We're supposed to meet at the office around 7am...which means I need to leave home by 6.45am. Yikes! Gotta wake up early. ;)

Friday, October 9, 2009


I'm on medical leave today... huhuhu... Nothing serious, just got a swelly thumb/palm from an insect bite. I didn't think it'd be so bad, to the point that the doctor told me to take MC from work. Got an injection too. Huhuhu...

OK, it's getting a bit too tedious to type using just my right hand. :p

Actually wanted to update with my items that have just arrived all in total yesterday evening. But I guess that'll be for another entry... ;)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's been a pretty full day at the office today...really tired. Something pissed me off quite badly today. The last straw was that someone misunderstood what happened, and I just don't know how else to explain to her. I told her that didn't say anything like what this one guy said to her, but she doesn't seem to want to believe me...

Why did the guy have to say such things to her, when I didn't say anything like what he said I did. Maybe he just wanted to joke around with her, but in the end, she must've misunderstood the meaning and thought I meant to cause her losing the spot. Argh! It really pisses me off, when I'm the one who's supposed to be irritated with things... The things that she said hurt my feelings, and she wouldn't really listen to things I was telling her. :( Does she think only she has feelings?? I'm also a victim here, ok?? Why can't she understand?? I can understand her anger / distress, but why can't she understand mine??

I just hope tomorrow things will be well... Office drama is really something I don't want to have. Things are tough enough right now... I just want to get on with my work, do well / wonderful at it, and produce good / great results. There's so much to learn, and I wouldn't want itsy teeny weeny tiny things getting in the way... I learnt to survive during my early teenage years, and God-willing, I will survive thru my hardships... Everything has a reason for happening, and I believe that God will not help those who do not help themselves.

Ok, for now, I'd better get off to bed. Work awaits in the morning... :p

Monday, October 5, 2009


It's arrived... and it's absolutely gorgeous! :) My first cabochon ring has arrived today. Yay!

Head over to Stephanie's blogshop for all sorts of handmade wonders ( Her accessories are beautiful, and she's lovely to deal with. :D

I wore the ring to my friend's open house earlier tonight. Well, it definitely got some attention. Hehehe... Hope Stephanie will come out with more rings such as these. Unlucky for me, she had quite a collection before this, but I'm a little too late...all sold! Oh, my friend is also starting to get into Stephanie's items... She says they're all so nicely made. Classy and elegant. :)

Feeling a little impatient / excited right now... Just found out that a few of the items I ordered last week have been posted, will probably get my hands on them tomorrow (or Wednesday)! Yay again! :D


The office is super cold today. My fingers are almost ice cold as I type these words, letter per letter. :p To add to that, the office is rather empty. Huhuhu... Only about half the ladies at my office are in. The other half aren't here to various reasons. There's 10 of us ladies in total, among the 40 males working in this section. Only 4 are here right now...

OK, getting back to work. My mind just wanted to wander off of work for a couple of mins (and forget the cold, cold air-cond!), relax my thoughts a bit before I get back to my reports. ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Argh! Battery ran out!

The semis yesterday was great! My friend and I got to the stadium quite late due to heavy traffic, etc (halfway thru the 2nd set), but we still managed to enjoy the game. The 3-set game was won by N. Davydenko from Russia against R. Soderling from Sweden. Both players had their own style and of course, fan-base. Hehehe... My friend and I just supported both! ;) Again, thanks a bunch, kak Zen for the tix! :D

The only thing that annoyed me during the match was that my camera battery ran out! Hish! I was so absorbed in the match that I didn't realize that I hadn't turned off my camera for quite some time while the match was going. Huhu... The couple of photos below were the only decent shots I got of the players before my camera went out. :p



Oh, the finals today was played between Davydenko and Verdasco. It seems that Davydenko has won the game in 2 sets. :)

Went to my friends' houses today... 1 to see her newborn baby, and another house just for visiting during this festive month of Syawal. Oh, in between that, attended a friend's wedding too. She looked absolutely gorgeous. :) Congrats, Nadya, on the wedding!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


For the 1st time in my life, I watched an international tennis match live, all thanks to my boss! Hehehe... She got a few premium tickets for last night's quarter-finals (at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil). Me having nothing planned last night, I went with her and a colleague of mine. :) Oh, it's an ATP World Tour series - PROTON Malaysian Open 2009.

The match was between F. Verdasco from Spain and R. Gasquet from France. It was a really, really good match. Loved every moment of the match. It was a definite plus point as both players were good looking and really nice to watch! ;) Anyhow, a few photos from last night (Verdaso wearing the orange shirt, Gasquet in white)...

My boss is unable to go watch today's semi-finals match. Thus, lucky me, I got her 2 premium tickets! :D Yay! Thanks, Kak Zen! Can't wait to go... The match is at 2.30pm.

At the moment I'm waiting for my friend to get here, and we'll be going off to Bukit Jalil together. I wonder whose match I'll be watching... Davydenko vs. Soderling or Verdasco vs. Gonzalez?? Regardless, I'm sure any match would be great to watch. :)

Oh, 1 more thing, I'm actually in one of the photos on the website (accidentally :p), behind Verdasco and the little boy taking a pic with him ( Just to show how good the seats we got last night (and for afterwards... hehehe)...

Friday, October 2, 2009


Erm, how do I elaborate on this? The truth is, I've dropped the programme since last semester. :( Too much hassle, with the administration... not with my supervisor. My supervisor and I have an understanding of how to work things out together, in terms of my research work and all. However, administration issues made me become demotivated. Heck, after about 2 semesters (going to 3) of going back and forth to settle matters within my department, I decided to call it quits. I do not like to quit on things I've started on, but regarding my Masters, at that time, it was best to stop for a while.

Maybe the issues had a reason for happening. The unjust termination, missing documents, me not making copies of the approved and later missing documents, quarrel between the lecturers, etc. At the same time, work was getting a bit way too much for me, and I really was moving slowly (though steadily) with my research work.

Yet, fear not, I still have a deep passion within me, to proceed with further education. Hehe... Maybe it was destined that I quit my Masters last semester, to have other chances in life. I will hold a Masters degree one day. :) Currently, I'm looking into several universities which offer Masters degree in Materials Engineering. At the same time, also surveying for any scholarship chances, to help me out with my proposed study. If not in biomaterials, I am definitely interested in advanced materials such as composites. Engineering Management sounds good too, right?? Hehe...

OK, getting back to work right now. ;)

Quality Time

On Sunday, I spent time with my sister. Yay! It's been such a long time since we've gone out together, just us two sisters. The last time was over a year ago... before she was bed-rested for 2 mths and gave birth to the triplets. So, it was really nice to spend quality time with her. The triplets are left at my kampung (Lunas, Kedah) for the week, so they could spend some time with my parents. :)

About our Sunday outing, we only meant to go to the optometrist, to make a pair of glasses for my sister, and do some groceries shopping. However, we ended up (window-)shopping and chatting from morning till late afternoon. ;)

I managed to buy some nice items, too... items that I've been wanting to buy for some time. They are...

Ready-made window curtains. They were sold at a pretty low price, the pair costing me only RM 70. I couldn't help but to buy them! :p (well, the curtains in my room really needed to be changed, anyways. Hehe). I like simple designs. Since my room is already quite a mess and filled with this and that, I thought a simple, light checkered curtain would suit it nicely.

A couple of cotton prints, for my next handmade project... My sister likes the one on the left most, with the yummy strawberries...

Also bought some other items (zippers, tiny ready-made flower ribbons, bright colored ribbons, soft foam, etc) before the Hari Raya break, for my upcoming handmade projects. We'll see later what I'll make from them, ya. :)

I'm currently waiting for my orders / reservations for some really, really nice DIY stuff to arrive, most probably next week. Ordered them over a few Malaysian-based blogshops. Can't wait!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


After such a long holiday (1 full week!), getting back on track at work seems to be such a burden. Hahaha! Still, work is work...and neverending at that too. :p These few days, the office seemed extra cold (well, the air-conditioning was somehow set at 21 degC...bbbrrrrrr...). :p

Anyways, here's a few photos taken during last week's break. busy playing with my nieces and nephews, and entertaining guests, that I didn't manage to snap more photos. Didn't even have a photo of my self and other family members in our Raya garbs. :p The photos were taken using my mobile phone camera, so not the best of resolutions. ;)

The triplets watching TV... guess who is who. (Even I can't recognize which one is who, looking at their backs. Hehehe...). The boys just had their hair cut by my brother-in-law the week before, since their hair was becoming too "disorganized". The boys also seemed to get their fingers tangled with the curls, during their "hair-grabbing" sessions - play time, fight time, I-need-to-grab-on-something-while-I-try-to-walk time, etc.... Hehe...

Little Fahmi and Mak Usu (I am the youngest from 3 siblings = bongsu = usu, as I am tenderly called by my nieces and nephews)... I managed to snap a quick self photo of him with me, before he "ran off" to play with his brothers. :)

The Hari Raya break was definitely memorable. Not a day left doing nothing. :)

Ok, this post has been pretty long (well, a bit long with the photos! Hehe). So, next post will contain other stuffs. ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from hometown

The Aidilfitri celebrations was simply wonderful! I loved every moment of it. It was hectic, packed with lotsa beautiful memories... :)

But, for now, I gotta go to bed. It's late and I gotta work in the morning...back to routine life. :p

Friday, September 18, 2009


It's Friday... & so close to Hari Raya! Yay! :) I'm actually at the office, but everyone's already in the festive mood (well, those still at the office, anyways. Hehe). The office feels so quite, and the ones who are still here today aren't really here actually - only body at the office, but heart, mind, and soul somewhere else. Hehehe...

Oh, 3 (my previous, extremely short post...hehe)... My nephews have just turned 1 yr old on 4th September. Yay! The pic was taken on the 6th, where I spent my weekend with my sis and her family. The boys are growing up so fast, and getting boisterous too. ;) Well, we all love them to bits. :

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Before I go to bed... :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long Way to Go...

Again, I've been inactive for such a long period of time. Huhuhu... work, life in general has been pretty full, & I have yet to "brog" (brag+blog!) about the many interests I mentioned in my long ago previous post. :p

Wondering where I should start... Somewhere, but where?? :p Life's been so-&-so for me, the many ups & downs. The usual, & some unexpected, turn of events. Argh! I can't seem to find the right words to yap about. Huhu...

All I can say is, right now, I enjoy making my own handmade jewellery, whenever I can squeeze in some quality time of my own. Hehe... It eases me, making little creations of my own. The latest one... ta da! ;)

The "ingredients" were pretty simple. A pair of: silver-plated earring findings, light blue doughnut China crystals, purple teardrop-shaped plastic beads, silver-colored metal charms; & some craft wires to link them all together nicely and dangling. ;)

Gosh, it's getting close to midnite. I'd better be off to bed. Need to sleep early & wake up early to "bersahur". Can't believe the blessed month of Ramadhan is coming to an end. A sort of sorrow fills me up. Will I be able to meet the next Ramadhan? Only God has the answer.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's a beautiful Saturday morning...and I'm at the office! :p Huhu... There's a bit of a testing issue at the lab, so I'm here to help settle things. Anyways, the test is mine, so it isn't much of a bother to me to come in today. Was a bit lazy to get up and get ready for work this morning, but never mind, I can still sleep in tomorrow morning. Haha! Anyways, I'm gonna be out of office on Monday and Tuesday (training), so at least I can get some work done today. :)

Oh, there's actually quite a few things I wanna blog about, but I'll "conjure" them all up for another time. :p There's Alpha Lipid, Prudential, beading and jewellery making, my Master's program plan, etc, etc, etc. Haha!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mama Minah!

It was my mom's birthday yesterday. She's at my bro's house at the moment. Getting ready to go there just about now. :)

Will be back to update this blog, hopefully during this weekend! Haha... We'll see... ;)

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ah, a week from my last post...huhuhu...
Erm, sitting for an English exam tomorrow. Really hope I do well. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


A random post... a preview on my upcoming post... hehehehe...

Friday, May 22, 2009

The "M" word... It's so funny... :p

I am contemplating on my personal budget. Basically, with my current pay, I am supposed to lead a more boring lifestyle! Hahaha... I can be quite spendthrift, I know. But well, I've worked hard to earn my pay, so why not spend on leisure some time?? :p

Anyways, I've just taken up life insurance the other day. Getting older (ehem...more mature), I really need to think on my finances. This month, need to cut costs down a bit here and there. Meaning, no Clarks warehouse sale tomorrow. Huhuhu... No worries... I can live without new shoes (already have quite a few, still-in-good-shape pairs stacked on my shoe shelve. Haha!). Whatever it is, hope I'll get my travel claims soon (a good RM500++). If I get it soon, that'll go towards my insurance's 1st month premium and savings. ;)

Other than that, I've just started taking supplements last week - Alpha Lipid Lifeline. Since the past couple of days, I am a wee bit more energized waking up in the mornings. (I still dread going off to work, but at least I no longer look as "soggy" and worn out as I used to! Hehehe!). Hope for more positive effects soon. I'll mention about the supplement again another time. :)

Right now, gonna go make me some thing to eat. Came home a bit late today, haven't had my dinner. Hungry! ^_^


It's Friday!!! Yay!!! Planning to go to Clarks Warehouse Sale tomorrow.
Ok, now, I gotta get ready for work first. ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am at the office... but a bit worn out. Not that busy at the moment, other than finishing up on reports...but I feel kinda tired. Guess I didn't get enough (and quality) sleep last night. It was too hot and humid, so I kept waking up every other hour. Huhuhu...

Anyways, am quite happy these days. A few days ago, I managed to find a couple of my old friends from Glasgow. Yippeee! Well, 1 actually found me, while I found the other 1. Nosheen, thanks for contacting me through Facebook. Leanne, so glad I found you on :) Really glad you girls still remember me, as I still remember you too. :D Ok, gotta get back to work. 5 mins break, and I'm back on track for work. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Another beautiful ballad by my fave Tohoshinki (lyrics, romanization, and translation humbly taken from, with credits to lunatunalover)...


BEDDO ni suwatte kimi no koto wo kangaeteita
Aenakute mo ii aitai kono kimochi dake de ii kara

Tsuyoku nokotteiru kioku kimi kara no mijikai MESSEEJI ga
Setsunaku mune shimetsukeru kedo towa no shiawase boku ga mamoritsuzuketai

* Kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai
Kimi ga iru sekai ni sugu tonde yukitai
Aitakute mo aitakute mo
Matteru kara tada wasurenaide

Itsumo no hodou ni kimi no kage wo kanjiteita
Shizuka ni me wo toji inoru itsumademo kienai you ni

Fukaku kizutsuiteita koto kizukasezu waratteita kimi ni
Zutto taisetsu ni suru kara sakebitsuzukeru arifureta kotoba demo

* Repeat

Kimi ni fureta yoru kowareteshimau hodo ni
Tadayou kaori ni mata omoi ga tsunoru baby

Itsumademo hatenai you ni
Motto tsuyoku tsunaida te hanarenai you ni

Kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai
Kimi ga iru sekai ni sugu tonde yukitai
Aitakute mo aitakute mo
Matteru kara matteru kara

* Repeat

Koko ni iru yo wasurenaide

Don't Forget Me

I sit on my bed and think of you
It's alright even if I can't see you...
I miss you, but just this feeling is enough

The memories of you remain, they're so strong
I read a short message from you and it makes my chest tighten painfully
But I want to keep protecting your eternal happiness

* I'll become the wind and wrap gently around you
Right now, I want to fly to a world with you in it
Even though I want to see you so much... I miss you so much...
I'm waiting for you, don't forget me

On the path we'd always walk, I felt your presence
Silently, I close my eyes and pray that it'll never disappear

Without acknowledging the things that hurt you deeply, you just kept on laughing and smiling
I'll always remember and cherish that
And I'll keep yelling out to the world, even if the words I use are but ordinary

* Repeat

The nights touched by you...
It's enough to break me; your fragrance hanging in the air and these feelings that build up, baby
So that this'll never end, I'll hold your hand even tighter
So that we'll never be separated...

I'll become the wind and wrap gently around you
Right now, I want to fly to a world with you in it
Even though I want to see you so much... I miss you so much...
I'm waiting for you... I'm waiting for you

* Repeat

I'm right here, don't forget me

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I am officially 26 yrs old! :D

Had a pretty moderate birthday celebration this year, but it's OK. I was still happy on that day (29th April). Usually celebrate my birthday with the rest of my family members, but due to certain constraints, we'll only be gathering up in a couple of weeks. A little saddened, but like I said, it's still OK. I managed to have dinner with a few dear friends, so that made the emptiness fade away a little. :)

I even got an unexpected pressie from someone - a beautiful embroidered "telekung" (prayer clothes), along with my 1st pay from the home tuition I just started on last month. :D To some people, it may not be much what I make from the home tuition thingy, but hey, no one's gonna give me extra cash for doing something I actually quite like, right?? ;)

Oh, here's a pic of what I got from my parents (got the pics from :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happiness is...

I got to spend some quality time with my parents yesterday...and it's made my whole day wonderful! :) It's been so long since I've had them all to my selfish self. Haha! It was so nice to be pampered by them. It was just what I needed.
Maybe for them, it was just a shopping outing (my mama wanted to buy a new shirt, and both of my parents wanted to buy gifts for their grandchildren), but for me, yesterday was my time with them and no one else...felt wonderful being picked up from my house and sent back home later in the night. Really felt like their baby girl again, the big baby that I am! Hehe...
I even got an early birthday gift! Yay! My parents are going back home tomorrow while my birthday is on Wednesday, so they decided to give me my present early, which I had to open in front of them before they sent me back to my house. I love it! Bliss!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another day in reality...

Work was really tiring today (Wait! When is it ever not tiring?!? :p).
These past few months have been extremely challenging. But, to lift my spirits up again, I'll just say to myself, "What's life without challenges? Dull!". However, too many challenges can also draw me down, so down that at times it's just so hard to get back up again.
Right now I am trying to find the strength to get back up again. Work is work, studies' not going well (internal issues at the department, which leaves me the direct victim!), etc, etc, etc. It's a bit sad to think that right now, my life evolves / revolves around my work only. Even family and friends have to be placed as secondary priorities. I've not gone back to my hometown for over 3 months now! The last time I was home was during the new year break (1st to 4th January 2009).
It saddens me. Although I do meet my parents now and then when they come over to my sister's or brother's house quite nearby, it's not the same as the feel that a person gets when going home. I guess that's just a part of it - I want to go home. I want to laze about for a while, be enveloped by my parents love and affection, without a care in the world for other things. Call me selfish for not wanting to think about others, but that's what I really need now. I need to get back up again, and it's just so hard at the moment. I put a smile on my face, and everyone thinks I'm fine, but in actuality, I am tired.
Whatever it is, having my faith always with me, I am still grateful for all the things that I do have. My life goes on, regardless. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living life day by day

Life has been quite hard on me these days. Nothing so serious, but things still get me worked up on this and that. Little things become big, while bigger things become bigger. Do they ever get smaller?? :p
I am a woman with many desires. Hahah... sounds a little strange, huh? Well, it's true. Maybe nothing much out of the ordinary things that a woman/girl wants, I think. I not only want material things, but I definitely long for emotional fulfillment - LOVE. Minus family and friends, I've been alone for too long, I guess. Turning another chapter in life (turning another year older, soon), a lot of things have gotten me thinking. How long am I going to be like this? I have so many wants, where do I find the means and ways? Am I taking the right paths? Well, whatever it is, I'm sure there's a reason for everything. The more I think about things, the more "scattered" my thoughts, let's move with the flow of things. From childhood I have always realized that things never go the way you want them too. There are always "pit stops" in life, so take a breather, and freshen up for what lies ahead. :)

On that account, I'm a bit saddened because one of my friends just had a miscarriaged the other day...her 1st baby. :(


Guess that practically sums up my "silence" from this blog for the past 2 months, right? ;) Anyways, a lot is going on right now. Just a very short post for now, with a pic or 2 from my life. Hehehe...

Triplets, Singapore, studies, work...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At the office...

Hmmm...after so long... just a quick entry before I get back to work.
Work has been dominating my life, while studies have been taking quite a large chunk of my time too. Regardless, I am still alive and kicking! ^_^
Anyways, gotta go.