Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 at its end

The year is coming to an end. A wonderful, "adventure"-filled, unforgettable year. Hehehe...

Pregnancy was an interesting period of time for me (early pregnancy bleeding, pregnancy induced asthma, hypertension during the 3rd trimester, holiday in Kuching, 1st time celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri with my hubby's family, etc, etc, etc. Haha!), and of course, giving birth to my son was also an unforgettable experience. Yes, labor was excruciating but the moment I saw him, all gooey and covered with blood (hehe), all the hardship & pain just went away. ;)

My smiley baby boy...happy to be going home to Kedah for the long New Year's weekend. :D See you all in 2012! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Work-&-Pump Mama ;)

Well, I've started my journey as a "work-&-pump mama" for about a month now. Hehe...
What do I mean by "work-&-pump"? Well, it's just a term I learnt from other working mamas. Haha! It simply means, I pump out my breastmilk at work. ;)

At work, of course there are many "obstacles" in pumping as much as I want. It's a good practice to pump every few hours but it's not always achievable for me. There are days when I can pump 4 times but there are also days when I can only pump 1 or 2 times. Huhu... Well, what can I say... Work of course comes first at the office. If I don't get to pump much at the office, I'd try my best to pump a bit at home when my baby's asleep and already well fed. :)

Oh, what do I use to pump and store my breastmilk at work? Well, I have my trustworthy Medela Mini Electric pump set with my Autumnz storage set.

My Medela Mini Electric (also known as Mini-E) & Autumnz storage set - cooler bag, milk storage bottles, reusable ice packs
(image from Google search. Hehe!)

To boost my "just-enough" milk production, I've started taking supplements for about a month. It's Shaklee's Triple M breastfeeding set. Up to date, my milk production hasn't increased much but I noticed that my milk is thicker and results in my baby to be full faster (I think). I usually just manage to get about 8oz (about 240ml of breastmilk from my pumping sessions a day, which is only about twice feeding for my growing baby boy. Since I can only get two bottles a day, he has to drink formula milk as well when he's at the nanny's.

It's only been a month since I started consuming the set so for me, it's still an improvement. I will not give up so easily. Haha! So what does a Triple M set consists of?

Shaklee's Triple M Set
(images taken from
Shaklee's website)

This is how I consume the set:
- Alfalfa Complex: At least 3 times a day, 2 caps each time (best taken after direct breastfeeding)
- B-Complex: Once a day, after breakfast (1 capsule)
- Energizing Soy Protein: At least twice a day, morning and night (or after direct breastfeeding)
- OsteMatrix: Once a day, after dinner or just before bed (2 capsules)
- Vita-C: Once a day, after lunch (1 capsule). I take this 2 caps a day if I have a cold.
- Vita-Lea: Once a day, after breakfast (1 capsule)

Seems a lot to consume, right? Yet, I'm ok with it as long as I can provide nutrition for my baby and myself. :) I pray that my milk production will improve but most importantly, my baby will get enough nutrition and grow healthily. :D

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another stage in life

Can't believe it's already December. The final month before the year ends.

Just over a year ago, I turned from a single woman to a married woman. A few months later, I was carrying my first child, the fruit of love between my hubby and I. :) After several months of ups and downs (pregnancy swings...hehehe), our little baby was born and we were brought into another stage in life: parenthood. And now, I'm a working mama & wife. :)

In a way, I feel complete now. I've gone through several stages of life (childhood to adulthood) and now having my own little family (which I hope will keep on growing. Hehe), I feel extremely blessed.

Oh, a few more days till I need to take my son for his 3-months-old immunization injection. ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

1433 Hijrah

A new year, a new leaf...

I pray to be a better person, overall. May my son grow up to be a good Muslim & son. May my dear hubby always be wonderful like he is now. May all be well. Amiin. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, my love! :)

Today's my darling hubby's 29th birthday. Yay! ;)
Many hugs & kisses for u, abg syg, from both of us (your wife & little baby boy). :D

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday morning

Today's already Friday, which means I'll already be working soon... Soon as in this upcoming Monday! Yikes! Has it really been just over 2 months since I gave birth to my little baby boy? My maternity leave is already coming to an end? My life as a working mama is starting soon? Wow! Hehehe...

Oh, and the date today is just beautiful... 15th Zulhijjah 1432H (15.12.32) and 11th November 2011 (11.11.11). Too bad I did not realize today's the 15th of Zulhijjah. Otherwise, I might have fasted yesterday and today, as today is one of the recommended days to fast in Islam. In Islam, it is not a good practice to fast on Fridays only. It has to be with another day, either the day before or the day after.

I guess I've kind of not really thought about fasting since I'm breastfeeding my little baby boy. While breastfeeding, I need to take in a fair amount of fluid / water to ensure the consistency of my milk production. It is possible to fast, but in my case, I think I'll need to consume some supplements first as at the moment, my milk production can be classified as just enough for my baby's daily needs. In other words, I rarely get to collect / pump extra for my baby. That's why I have to feed my baby both my breastmilk and formula. Huhuhu... Gone is my wish to exclusively breastfeed my baby. :(

Nevertheless, I've just learnt the "art" of power pumping i.e. pump a few minutes-pause a few minutes-pump a few minutes-pause a few minutes for about 1 hour. Hehehe... I may still not get that much per session (1 - 2 oz), but at least I get to clear my milk out while baby's asleep. :) I hope I can properly pump my milk once I start working. Will need to find the time and place to do so, without disturbing my work and other people.

Breastfeeding / pumping breastmilk for baby is definitely not easy, but it's a joy and pleasure that's indescribable. For my little son's well-being, why not, right? :)

Oh, Adam Asyraf is such a little strong boy (says this proud mama. Hehehe). Hubby and I took him for his 2 months immunization injection on Wednesday evening. The little boy barely cried out. Just a little sound after the injection and he fell asleep all the way home from the clinic. Hehehe... By the way, Adam Asyraf weighs a healthy 5kg at age of 2 months! :D

Awake after reaching home from the clinic. :)

Sound asleep after a nice, long feed yesterday evening. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well, chubby is definitely the word to describe my little baby boy. Hehehe... Adam Asyraf is 2 months old today, and growing healthily. Yay! ;)

Baby boy dozing off after a nice, good feed. Hehehe... :D

I've started sending him to the babysitter's for a few days now, half days instead of full days (i.e. from around 8.30am till 3.30pm only, instead of 7am-7pm like when I start working again next week). So far, so good. :) He seems to be happy enough at the sitter's, who's only two levels up from my house (erm, I live in a flat. Hehe). I hope he's in good hands while I'm away at work.

To be honest, hubby and I were (still are) very concerned about where to send Adam Asyraf when we're both at work. We went surveying to a number of day cares/nurseries and inquired on babysitters who advertised their services around our flat area. Taking good care of a baby, especially newborns/infants is not a responsibility many are willing to take. Our son is extremely precious (as all parents would feel about their child, right? Hehe), so of course we wanted to make sure he's in good hands when we're not there. There are many pros and cons, on both sending a child to a nursery and to a babysitter. I guess, the only thing to be done is to try and pray for things to be alright, right?

After thinking long and hard on various matters, we decided to try sending our son to the babysitter near our house. She's a grandma of two very cute little girls, and an ex-nursery and kindergarten teacher. Very friendly too. Hehehe... Only God knows what my feelings were at the moment I left him there for the first time. Well, I still do worry, and will probably always have this worrisome feeling, every time I leave him. ;)

Till today (although only a few days), all seems to be well. He looks well fed, well dressed, and in good mood when I pick him up from the sitter's. Hehehe... So, let's pray he's taken care well of at all times. Amiin. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

At 40 days old

This photo was actually taken last week, but only managed to be posted today. Hehehe... I just love his look here. :D

The 3 of us

Our first family photo... :D

Oh, hubby and I are just over 1 year married now. :) Praying for many, many more wonderful years to come. :D

Saturday, October 22, 2011

44 days

Alhamdulillah, my 44 days confinement period is ending today. How time flew. :)

However, with the end of the confinement period, I still need to take care of my food and drinks intake for a few more months, especially since I breastfeed my little baby boy. It'll be a bit of a challenge (as quite a number of menu that I do like to take are on the "watch list") but hopefully I will prevail. Hehehe... For the sake of my baby, a little sacrifice is not too much to be asked for, right? :)

I thought during my confinement period/maternity leave, it'd be easier to get some things done (i.e. blogging more frequently, reading journals, etc), but today just proves that time flies so quickly with the little one around. :) Whatever it is, I am thankful for everything. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

2 weeks old

Adam Asyraf turned 2 weeks old yesterday. Photo below was the only one I managed to capture yesterday, while he was sound asleep... ;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

1 week old

Adam Asyraf after 1 week... :)

Erm, photo simply snapped using my mobile phone camera by the proud daddy. Do excuse the quality, ya. ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our little baby boy :)

Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty, I safely gave birth to a healthy 2.99kg baby boy at 10.19am on Friday, September 9th 2011 (09.09.2011). :D

Hubby & I weren't actually expecting to receive our little baby as fast as we did. Hehehe... The baby's EDD was actually on September 29th, but due to few complications (& God's Will), the baby just couldn't wait to meet us. Haha! :)

A couple of weeks before delivery, during my antenatal check-up, I was detected with having high blood pressure. My BP was as high as 160/110. Yikes! In addition to that, baby was already in engaged position, just waiting for time to meet the world. ;) My O&G specialist did inform hubby & I possibility of me having to deliver the baby earlier than expected due to those conditions. However, we never expected the baby would be born 3 weeks earlier than EDD.

On Thursday (08.09.2011), I noticed that my baby's movement inside my womb was almost non-existent, which was very peculiar since he's an extremely active baby. I also noticed few drops of blood with my urine when I went to the toilet twice that night. Worried sick on the possibilities of something wrong was happening, hubby & I quickly got ready and went directly to the hospital at around 11.45pm. After a few tests were conducted, I was admitted to the hospital at 1.30am.

Erm... we actually managed to snap a photo of me before leaving for the hospital that night. Maybe we knew it would be the last photo of me pregnant with our first born. Hehehe... ;)

I felt no contractions or pain throughout the night. By morning (around 9am), the doctor decided that I should be induced into labor. My opening was already 4cm, BP high, baby in position... By 9.15am, contractions began slowly and increased rapidly at around 9.45am. Doctor came in to see me at around 10.05am and baby was safely delivered at 10.19am, via assisted kiwi vacuum. :)

Adam Asyraf Bin Helman Razani, our first born child.
Photo taken at around 5.45pm on September 9th. :)

The proud parents of the little newborn. ;)
Photos taken on Saturday morning, about 24 hours after the birth of Adam Asyraf. :)

Our heartiest thanks and appreciation to all who came to visit us (both at the hospital and at home), especially our dearest family members, as well as the well wishes from friends and colleagues. Many thanks to the doctors and nurses and attendants at the hospital too, for making our first born's delivery a wonderful experience. :)

Oh, by the way, I delivered at DEMC Shah Alam, not KPMC Puchong. Why? Erm, nothing wrong with KPMC Puchong, just my preference to have a female O&G specialist instead of a male one such as at KPMC Puchong. ;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eid Mubarak 1432H

Although it's been a week, I still want to wish everyone everywhere a wonderful and blessed Eid Mubarak. :D

Pic from Mr. Google... :)

This Eid is truly special to me, as it's my first time celebrating it with a "bigger" family - with my beloved hubby, my family, my in-laws and all. Hehehe... Next year, definitely "bigger" with the addition of my baby, insyaAllah. :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nuzul Quran

It was Nuzul Quran yesterday, marking the day the Holy Al-Quran was brought down to mankind over 1000 years ago. It also marked the 17th day of Ramadhan. How quickly has the month passed! :)

Alhamdullillah, praise to God Almighty, I have not missed a single day of fasting. I'm praying to complete the month. :)

Up-to-date, fasting has started to take it's toll on me a bit. Maybe not really the fasting part, but the routine my baby's starting to take. Hehehe... The baby tends to be up around 3-4 am, moving quite actively and sometimes kicking too at those wee hours. Therefore, being during the fasting month, it gets a little tiresome to be woken up at around 3-4 am and then waking up to have 'sahur' (early morning meal) around 5 am. I guess, baby's just getting me ready for it's routine. Hehehe...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 1432H

Alhamdulillah, praise and glory to the Almighty God, today's the first day of the holy fasting month of Ramadhan. :)

This year, the fasting month is definitely more special to me. I am a wife and a soon-to-be mama... Hehehe... I pray the month will go smoothly, especially with me 7+ months pregnant now. Hehehe...

To all Muslims, have a wonderful and blessed Ramadhan. :D

Oh, in addition to that, a wonderful, wonderful Happy Birthday to my darling sister. It's her birthday today. Also, happy belated birthday too, to my lovely sis-in-law, who celebrated her birthday on Saturday, 30 July. Love u so much, my dearest kakaks! :D

* photo from Mr. Google :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally finalized

Dear Hubby and I have been contemplating quite a bit about where I'll be delivering our baby come this end September. We've been contemplating on this and that for quite some time. ;) Finally, we've finalized it on today (July 30th), which is my so-called "hospital day". Hahahaha...

So, the chosen hospital is KPMC Puchong, the nearest hospital to my house as well as ascertained to be a panel hospital for my company. Yay! Hehehe... This morning was my first antenatal check-up there. The facilities seem OK, the staffs and doctor were nice and most importantly during the check-up, my baby's doing fine and estimated to weigh 2.3 kg now (then). :D Next appointment is two weeks from now. I pray all goes well until after my delivery. :)

Next appointment was at DEMC Shah Alam, for my asthma check-up. Alhamdulillah, my asthma is getting better. Less wheezing and stuff, just a bit out of breath now and then due to my growing tummy. Hehehe... However, still need to monitor closely to avoid any complications.

Anyways, I need to complete my Kuching "babymoon" story / stories soon. The entry has been in my "Drafts" for quite some time now, but I've yet to finish it and furnish it with photos. Hehehe... Let's hope I can get the entry / entries done before I deliver my baby. Hehehehe... :D

* photos from Mr. Google :)

Monday, July 4, 2011


What's jam-packed? Well, my "babymoon" with hubby, that is. Hehehe... We're at the airport now (Kuching International Airport), waiting for our flight back home. The flight's supposed to be at 4pm, but announcements have been made on the slight delay to 4.15pm, I think. Let's hope the delay won't be long. :p

Anyways, our 4-days-3-nights holiday has been wonderful. We are totally exhausted but overall, happy with our holiday. I'll post an entry later (at least!) on this wonderful, jam-packed, adventure-filled (huh??) "babymoon". ;) For now, I'm just going to patiently wait for our flight to arrive. Ciao! :D

Friday, July 1, 2011

Here we come!

Hubby n I are at the LCC terminal at the moment, waiting for our flight to Kuching, Sarawak. Yay! :)
This will practically be our honeymoon (or should I affectionally call it 'babymoon' as I am pregnant?? Hehehe). We never did have a real honeymoon/holiday together since we got married last year. So,this trip is a definitely a plus for us. :)
We'll be boarding soon. Yay again! Hehehehe.. May this holiday be safe n memorable,ya. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a...

... healthily growing baby! Hehehe... No, I am not going to reveal my baby's gender just yet. ;) My next ultrasound scan is due tomorrow during my check-up (entering week 27), but I won't be telling here yet about my baby's gender. Let's wait till the baby's born, ya. :)

Anyways, I was just checking on my weekly development over the Internet and I got the below illustration (and good info) from

Thinking of my baby in the above position, really makes my heart melt... Aaaaww... ;)

Looking at the illustration and imagining my baby's developing at that stage and in that position, nearly made me cry. Hehehe... I've been feeling my baby's movements more and more these past few weeks, some soft and some rather strong kicking, I must admit. When the baby's really active and I am stretching myself on my back, I can even see the bumps on my tummy my baby's making from it's movements. Even my dear hubby can feel the bumps. ;) Moments like those are truly precious. :)

Pregnancy so far has been wonderful. Yes, I've been diagnosed with pregnancy-induced asthma. Yes, I have had some complications during the earlier weeks of my pregnancy (I bled quite a bit. Not spotting, I practically did bleed out like I was menstruating. Huhu). Yes, my blood sugar level was/is a bit high (I haven't mentioned about being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, have I?? Hehe). Yet, overall, the experiences so far (and more coming) have been extremely exciting and humbling. These past few weeks even more so, as my baby's movements have become more and more prominent each day. There's even a feeling like a schedule is developing / has developed... The baby's usually up and active around 6-7am, between 11.30am-1pm, around 4-5pm, and these active movements usually stops by 10.30-11pm. :)

2nd trimester is ending soon... With the coming of my 3rd trimester, things will definitely work its way faster... Baby dearest, Mama & Ayah love you so much and are patiently counting the days till you are in our arms, safe and healthy... :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The year in half

Hmmm... it's already the month of June today. Half of the year 2011 has come and gone. Wow! ;)

The 1st quarter of the year for me (February to April) has been quite a tumble here and there, since I faced quite a bit of adjusting to the 1st trimester of my pregnancy. Hehe... I didn't really experienced much morning sickness (no vomiting at all, thank goodness, but definitely lightheaded most of the time. Hehe). However, I had asthma... pregnancy induced asthma, that is. :p

Being asthma-free prior to my pregnancy, I didn't actually suspect I was having asthma attacks during the first few weeks of my pregnancy. Only after a visit to my obstetrician (who I had to consult with due to my early pregnancy bleeding...huhu) was I directed to meet another specialist about my breathing problems. Well, then was when I found out I had / have pregnancy induced asthma. Huhu...

But, all is much better now. My medication has been "downgraded" and I no longer huff and puff as much now compared to a few weeks ago. Yay! Hehehe... :)

Most importantly, my baby is growing healthily. Can't wait for my next check up session at the clinic next week to know more of my baby's progress. Yay! :D

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Felt flowers

I've made more felt flowers over the weekend... Here are just a few of them. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Just wanted to share a photo of my birthday cake (though it's a little blurry. Hehehe). Isn't it cute? "Mummy-to-be". :D

Oh, not only is the cake lovely to look at. It was also extremely delicious! :) My nieces and nephews can certainly vote on that, as they enjoyed the cake so much. Loved watching them finishing up their cake slices. :D Many thanks to my wonderful brother and sis-in-law for the scrumptious cake, ya.

Though we celebrated together a day later (on 30th April, instead of on my actual birthday on 29th April), many thanks, love, and hugs to my hubby, parents, brother, sis-in-law, nieces, sister, bro-in-law, and nephews (my family, the lot of them...hehehe) for the heartwarming celebration. I love all of you very, very much! :)

Note: My darling hubby took me out to a rather expensive dinner the night before the family celebration (on my birthday). I truly enjoyed the dinner, Abg... :)

Another note (hehe): Next year I'll be celebrating my birthday with the addition of my own child, my own little family. Yay! :D

Free time...

So, what do I do during my free time these days? Back to felt crafts! Yay! Haha! It's been a long time since I've left out my hobby involving felt fabric. :) Below are just a few of my latest projects from the past couple of weeks. Hehehe...

A couple of simple tissue holders that have been hand-stitched quite badly. Hehehe... Oh, the tissue holder opens up as shown in the photo below...

Simple to make, yet very convenient and fits cozily in my handbag. ;)

My little felt flowers. Still in the midst of deciding, whether to make them into brooches or hairclips. :)

Note: Sorry for the low photo quality. Just snapped 'em using my mobile phone camera. ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

21 weeks & counting

I am at my 21st week of pregnancy. Wow! Halfway through now. Hehehe...

My baby's growing well, along with my tummy. Haha! It's wonderful to now feel the little movements inside my womb. The movements are more like little flutters, soft but can still be felt. :)

I'm also feeling much better compared to my rather tumultuous 1st trimester. Hehe... My pregnancy-induced asthma has receded, which I am extremely grateful for. My days & nights are more peaceful, compared to when I was having rather bad asthma attacks. I've never had asthma before, so, it was definitely a big shock to me when I had the attacks. Huhu...

Anyways, need to work on my Masters degree research proposal now. Oh, yes. I've enrolled for a Masters degree program, Master of Engineering (Mechanical - Materials) a few weeks ago. Well, actually, on my birthday (29 April 2011). Hehehehe... Need to submit a 5 page research proposal next Monday, so I'd better get a move on it. Wish me luck in completing a good one, ya! :)

Note: Lacking photos/images in my last few posts, ya... will need to brighten up my posts more! Hehehe... :p

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Labor Day! :)

Have a good weekend everyone! Enjoy the long weekend, ya! :D

Friday, April 29, 2011


It's my 28th birthday today. Yay! The day's been wonderful. Many heartful thanks to family and friends for the lovely birthday wishes. I really appreciate them. :D

Hubby dearest, thank you so much for the wonderful dinner treat! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My month! :-)

April's already coming to an end and I've only posted 1 entry?? Whoa... time simply flew by this month.

Today is April 28th. Tomorrow (April 29th), Prince William & Miss Kate Middleton are getting married. Hurrah! Yet, most importantly (to me) is that I'll be 28 years old. Yay! Hehehehe... Some people may not welcome the coming of their birthdays or are readily open about their true age, but I'm fine with it. With every passing year, I learn new things, experience new things, may they be good or bad, happy or sad. It's all part of life's cycle. :-)

Anyways, this year my birthday is extra special. It'll be the first time I'll be celebrating it as a wife...and... as a soon-to-be mummy! Yay again! Hahahaha... Yup! I am officially pregnant and starting to show too. Hehehe. If according to my EDD (expected due date), I'm just about 18 weeks pregnant on my birthday. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

14 weeks now...

... and another 26 more to go! :) What to? To the addition of another member of my family. Hehehehe... :D ps: Sorry. Very short post after over a month. Soon, the reasons will be revealed. ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tree Top Walk @ Sungai Sedim, Kedah

In November 2010, my husband and I managed to take a short trip to one of Kedah's many attractions, the Tree Top Walk at Sungai Sedim area. :)
It was actually a shortly planned trip. We were at my parents' home in Lunas for the weekend, to attend my best friend, Afifah's wedding. On Sunday before returning back home, we thought, why not go somewhere first? Due to various reasons, we were unable to go off for our honeymoon after our wedding (we just got married a couple of weeks before...hehehe). The Tree Top Walk sounded exciting. So, off we went to Sungai Sedim, which was about 45 mins drive away from my parents' place. :)
We're here! :)

Views from the pretty! (erm, excuse the feet...just wanted to take a pic of the wire mesh and the view straight down...hehehe)

All in all, it took us almost an hour to complete the less than 1000m walk (I can't remember the exact bridge length. Huhu). It felt refreshing being up there, among the trees, the soft breeze, crisp air...pure nature. Oh, it actually drizzled a little, but that just added soft mist to the area. Wonderful!

When we got down from the bridge @ Tree Top Walk, we went to enjoy the view and immerse our feet in the cool river at the bottom of the walk. It's just so pretty and serene there. Can't wait for another chance to visit the river again and have a proper picnic. :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini-honeymoon... continued...

Singapore nearing Christmas was really pretty. There were festive decorations everywhere. Erm, since we didn't have anyone else to snap a photo of the two of us together, at least our feet were proof we were there... Hehehehehe... ;)

On that Friday evening, my husband and I decided we wanted to go to Sentosa Island, just for a night stroll. We wanted to get tickets to Universal Studios for Saturday, but tickets were completely sold out. Well, it was during the school holidays and Singapore was practically jam-packed with people. So, off we went to Sentosa Island.

Since it was night time, many of the attractions were already closed...but, we did manage to get our hands on a pair of tickets to the "Songs of The Sea" show. Yay!! :)

The show only lasted less than a 1/2 hour, but it was enjoyable. We were quite immersed with the whole show that we didn't really get many good photos. Hehehe... Sentosa Island is very pretty at night... the lights, the decorations, etc, etc, etc. :)

The huge Christmas tree at Vivo City. So pretty! (I seem to like using the word "pretty" this time, ya? Hehehe).

Friday was soon over and it was Saturday morning. Since we didn't get tickets to Universal Studios, we planned to just go around Singapore until it was time for us to catch our bus back to Malaysia later that night. Singapore Flyer was our first choice to start the day. :)

After getting off the Flyer, we headed towards the Olympic Youth Park, Esplanade, Merlion... all on foot. Whoa...did we really walk that day. That wasn't the end of it. We just walked and walked here and there. From Marina Bay / Esplanade to Bugis Street, to Arab Street, to Kampong Glam (where we performed our prayers at the mosque) and finally we walked towards Lavender Street, to wait for our bus. Fuh! How our bodies ached the next day. Hehehe...

Just a little row of shops on our walk towards Arab Street. Isn't the view just adorable? :)

So, I guess, that sums up my mini-honeymoon in Singapore. Yay! I finally finished on this. Hahahaha... I hope to go to Singapore again in the future, specifically to Universal Studios and Sentosa Island, as a whole...and for a real holiday with my loved one(s). :D

End of January

January is already coming to an end, and I didn't really post anything throughout the month! Yikes! I have so much that I want to blog about, but always end up not blogging. Boohoohoo... :p
I'm gonna work on my next post (most probably the continuation of my mini honeymoon story...hehehe) and hopefully will post it up before February ends, ya! ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011



Ps: very, very, very short post... I know. Hahaha! :p