Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from hometown

The Aidilfitri celebrations was simply wonderful! I loved every moment of it. It was hectic, packed with lotsa beautiful memories... :)

But, for now, I gotta go to bed. It's late and I gotta work in the morning...back to routine life. :p

Friday, September 18, 2009


It's Friday... & so close to Hari Raya! Yay! :) I'm actually at the office, but everyone's already in the festive mood (well, those still at the office, anyways. Hehe). The office feels so quite, and the ones who are still here today aren't really here actually - only body at the office, but heart, mind, and soul somewhere else. Hehehe...

Oh, 3 (my previous, extremely short post...hehe)... My nephews have just turned 1 yr old on 4th September. Yay! The pic was taken on the 6th, where I spent my weekend with my sis and her family. The boys are growing up so fast, and getting boisterous too. ;) Well, we all love them to bits. :

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Before I go to bed... :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long Way to Go...

Again, I've been inactive for such a long period of time. Huhuhu... work, life in general has been pretty full, & I have yet to "brog" (brag+blog!) about the many interests I mentioned in my long ago previous post. :p

Wondering where I should start... Somewhere, but where?? :p Life's been so-&-so for me, the many ups & downs. The usual, & some unexpected, turn of events. Argh! I can't seem to find the right words to yap about. Huhu...

All I can say is, right now, I enjoy making my own handmade jewellery, whenever I can squeeze in some quality time of my own. Hehe... It eases me, making little creations of my own. The latest one... ta da! ;)

The "ingredients" were pretty simple. A pair of: silver-plated earring findings, light blue doughnut China crystals, purple teardrop-shaped plastic beads, silver-colored metal charms; & some craft wires to link them all together nicely and dangling. ;)

Gosh, it's getting close to midnite. I'd better be off to bed. Need to sleep early & wake up early to "bersahur". Can't believe the blessed month of Ramadhan is coming to an end. A sort of sorrow fills me up. Will I be able to meet the next Ramadhan? Only God has the answer.