Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happiness is...

I got to spend some quality time with my parents yesterday...and it's made my whole day wonderful! :) It's been so long since I've had them all to my selfish self. Haha! It was so nice to be pampered by them. It was just what I needed.
Maybe for them, it was just a shopping outing (my mama wanted to buy a new shirt, and both of my parents wanted to buy gifts for their grandchildren), but for me, yesterday was my time with them and no one else...felt wonderful being picked up from my house and sent back home later in the night. Really felt like their baby girl again, the big baby that I am! Hehe...
I even got an early birthday gift! Yay! My parents are going back home tomorrow while my birthday is on Wednesday, so they decided to give me my present early, which I had to open in front of them before they sent me back to my house. I love it! Bliss!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another day in reality...

Work was really tiring today (Wait! When is it ever not tiring?!? :p).
These past few months have been extremely challenging. But, to lift my spirits up again, I'll just say to myself, "What's life without challenges? Dull!". However, too many challenges can also draw me down, so down that at times it's just so hard to get back up again.
Right now I am trying to find the strength to get back up again. Work is work, studies' not going well (internal issues at the department, which leaves me the direct victim!), etc, etc, etc. It's a bit sad to think that right now, my life evolves / revolves around my work only. Even family and friends have to be placed as secondary priorities. I've not gone back to my hometown for over 3 months now! The last time I was home was during the new year break (1st to 4th January 2009).
It saddens me. Although I do meet my parents now and then when they come over to my sister's or brother's house quite nearby, it's not the same as the feel that a person gets when going home. I guess that's just a part of it - I want to go home. I want to laze about for a while, be enveloped by my parents love and affection, without a care in the world for other things. Call me selfish for not wanting to think about others, but that's what I really need now. I need to get back up again, and it's just so hard at the moment. I put a smile on my face, and everyone thinks I'm fine, but in actuality, I am tired.
Whatever it is, having my faith always with me, I am still grateful for all the things that I do have. My life goes on, regardless. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living life day by day

Life has been quite hard on me these days. Nothing so serious, but things still get me worked up on this and that. Little things become big, while bigger things become bigger. Do they ever get smaller?? :p
I am a woman with many desires. Hahah... sounds a little strange, huh? Well, it's true. Maybe nothing much out of the ordinary things that a woman/girl wants, I think. I not only want material things, but I definitely long for emotional fulfillment - LOVE. Minus family and friends, I've been alone for too long, I guess. Turning another chapter in life (turning another year older, soon), a lot of things have gotten me thinking. How long am I going to be like this? I have so many wants, where do I find the means and ways? Am I taking the right paths? Well, whatever it is, I'm sure there's a reason for everything. The more I think about things, the more "scattered" my thoughts, let's move with the flow of things. From childhood I have always realized that things never go the way you want them too. There are always "pit stops" in life, so take a breather, and freshen up for what lies ahead. :)

On that account, I'm a bit saddened because one of my friends just had a miscarriaged the other day...her 1st baby. :(


Guess that practically sums up my "silence" from this blog for the past 2 months, right? ;) Anyways, a lot is going on right now. Just a very short post for now, with a pic or 2 from my life. Hehehe...

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