Thursday, October 24, 2013


Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, my dearest, most darling hubby. May God bless us with many, many more wonderful years together. :-)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

September Boys

Adam Asyraf celebrated his 2nd birthday last month... & as per my family's usual practice, mass celebration in September! Hehehe... The triplets (4th Sept), my bro-in-law (13th Sept) & Adam Asyraf (9th Sept). My brother's birthday is also in September (29th Sept) but since his day is at the end of the month, separate celebration for him. :-)

The birthday conjuction with the boys craze over the animation.
Oh bola, oh oh bola kampung!
The birthday boys (Erm, let's just consider my bro-in-law as a boy too... well, father of the triplet boys. Haha!)
Triplets turned 5, Adam Asyraf turned 2, bro-in-law turned another digit higher in his 3-series age! Haha...
Note: My darling hubby has to "enter-frame" for Adam Asyraf's sake. Hehehe :-D
Where is lil Athirah Dzakiyyah in all the havoc? Well, here's a pic of her in her I-Don't-Really-Understand-What-The-Heck-Is-Going-On look. Hehehe...
Lovingly held by my dad @ Tok Wan. :-)

So, my baby boy is now officially 2 years of age. I pray for him, as always, to grow up healthily, happily, to be a pious son & most importantly, a pious Muslimin. Amiin. :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our little princess :-)

Yes, I've safely given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl... almost 4 months ago! Haha! I've been meaning to post about her but never did find the right time for it. :-)

Well, here's a few pics of our little princess, Athirah Dzakiyyah.

Athirah Dzakiyyah
Born on 2nd July 2013, 4.17pm 
(Induced natural birth @ 37 weeks)
Weighed 3.2kg, 55cm in length

Lil girl at 3 months
Weight: 5.1 kg

My sweethearts... lil son, lil daughter & Ayah :-)
Still adjusting to the hectic daily routine, but loving every second with them. And oh, I'm back to being a pump-at-work-mummy. Haha! Loving my new Pigeon Silent Electric Breastpump. It is definitely more silent than my Medela Mini Electric, which I still use & love to bits. ;-)

Pigeon Silent Electric Breastpump
(Pic from Google Images...Hehe)
Anyways, that's about it for this post. Baby's stirring now. Better get to her before her "siren" blares. Haha!