Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a...

... healthily growing baby! Hehehe... No, I am not going to reveal my baby's gender just yet. ;) My next ultrasound scan is due tomorrow during my check-up (entering week 27), but I won't be telling here yet about my baby's gender. Let's wait till the baby's born, ya. :)

Anyways, I was just checking on my weekly development over the Internet and I got the below illustration (and good info) from

Thinking of my baby in the above position, really makes my heart melt... Aaaaww... ;)

Looking at the illustration and imagining my baby's developing at that stage and in that position, nearly made me cry. Hehehe... I've been feeling my baby's movements more and more these past few weeks, some soft and some rather strong kicking, I must admit. When the baby's really active and I am stretching myself on my back, I can even see the bumps on my tummy my baby's making from it's movements. Even my dear hubby can feel the bumps. ;) Moments like those are truly precious. :)

Pregnancy so far has been wonderful. Yes, I've been diagnosed with pregnancy-induced asthma. Yes, I have had some complications during the earlier weeks of my pregnancy (I bled quite a bit. Not spotting, I practically did bleed out like I was menstruating. Huhu). Yes, my blood sugar level was/is a bit high (I haven't mentioned about being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, have I?? Hehe). Yet, overall, the experiences so far (and more coming) have been extremely exciting and humbling. These past few weeks even more so, as my baby's movements have become more and more prominent each day. There's even a feeling like a schedule is developing / has developed... The baby's usually up and active around 6-7am, between 11.30am-1pm, around 4-5pm, and these active movements usually stops by 10.30-11pm. :)

2nd trimester is ending soon... With the coming of my 3rd trimester, things will definitely work its way faster... Baby dearest, Mama & Ayah love you so much and are patiently counting the days till you are in our arms, safe and healthy... :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The year in half

Hmmm... it's already the month of June today. Half of the year 2011 has come and gone. Wow! ;)

The 1st quarter of the year for me (February to April) has been quite a tumble here and there, since I faced quite a bit of adjusting to the 1st trimester of my pregnancy. Hehe... I didn't really experienced much morning sickness (no vomiting at all, thank goodness, but definitely lightheaded most of the time. Hehe). However, I had asthma... pregnancy induced asthma, that is. :p

Being asthma-free prior to my pregnancy, I didn't actually suspect I was having asthma attacks during the first few weeks of my pregnancy. Only after a visit to my obstetrician (who I had to consult with due to my early pregnancy bleeding...huhu) was I directed to meet another specialist about my breathing problems. Well, then was when I found out I had / have pregnancy induced asthma. Huhu...

But, all is much better now. My medication has been "downgraded" and I no longer huff and puff as much now compared to a few weeks ago. Yay! Hehehe... :)

Most importantly, my baby is growing healthily. Can't wait for my next check up session at the clinic next week to know more of my baby's progress. Yay! :D