Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's August 31st, 2010... 53 years of independence of Malaysia. Through thick and thin, through ups and downs, Malaysians everywhere remember this date. :D

I've lived abroad in my life before, enjoyed my stay there and loved the experiences I've been blessed with. Yet, nothing beats being back home, to my Malaysia. :)

Malaysia's not perfect, but it's where I belong to. :)

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia! :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Lost" by Anouk

If roses are meant to be red
And violets to be blue
Why isn't my heart meant for you

My hands longing to touch you
But I can barely breathe
Starry eyes that make me melt
Right in front of me

Lost in this world
I even get lost in this song
And when the lights go down
That is where I'll be found

This music's irresistible
Your voice makes my skin crawl
Innocent and pure
I guess you heard it all before

Mister inaccessible
Will this ever change
One thing that remains the same
You're still a picture in a frame

Lost in this world
I even get lost in this song
And when the lights go down
That is where I'll be found

I get lost in this world
I get lost in your eyes
And when the lights go down
That's where I'll be found
Yeah yeah

I get lost in this world
I get lost in your eyes
And when the lights go down
Am I the only one

The song's absolutely beautiful... Anouk's voice is beautiful... Just a beautiful it... :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadhan 1431H

...came so quickly. :) Alhamdulillah, God has graced me with life, being able to welcome another blessed month of Ramadhan. :) It's already been over a week since the beginning of Ramadhan. How fast time flies...
May God grace me with meeting more Ramadhans to come. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


I was lucky enough last week, when I got the chance to visit Ismene's (a consultant from Spain) apartment near KLCC (very, very near to KLCC...walking distance!). The building is called 'Marc". :)

It's absolutely cozy. The single room apartment is located on the top floor, 35th floor, with a stunning view of Kuala Lumpur. It had all the basic amenities. The living room was just comfy in size, with a soft sofa, glass table, cute bookshelves, and hi-tech entertainment system. There's also a little kitchen attached to it, with a small dining table for 4. There's also laundry room, equipped with a washing machine and dryer. I love the bathroom. ;) It's practically spacious...hehehe...with a nice little tub and shower and all.

Yet, best of all, I simply love the view. Being on the top floor, the main advantage is having a really, really nice balcony. Hehehe... Here are some photos I took from the balcony (erm, took the pics shakily with my mobile phone camera, since I'm actually afraid of heights. Hehe)...

Isn't the view lovely?? :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


...from my lovely sisters' birthday celebration. :)

My sister's (yummy choc cheese!)

My sister-in-law's (delicious choc banana!)
I didn't actually mean to buy choc cakes for both of 'em, but the cakes looked just soooo yummy (and they really were!), I just had to buy them both... Hehehe...

Oh, love this pic...the triplets giving their mama birthday kisses... Sweet! :D

We want cake, mama!!! Haha! ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

One of my fave...

Made this a couple of weeks ago... just playing around with what resources I had then. Just too cute! :)

August already??

That's what I thought a couple of days ago... Hehehe... Time really seems to fly bythis year. So quickly has January come and gone, and the rest of the months seem to just flew by, and it's now August. ;) (The wonderful month of Ramadhan is coming soon... Yay!!)

So many, many things have happened up-to-date. Getting worked up with (and enjoying...yes...enjoying...hehe) work, falling in love, getting engaged, and soon, getting married! Hehe... Maybe the best thing so far is the falling in love part. Haha!

After so long, I've finally found me a someone special, my other half. :) He makes me happy, lovey dovey, compassionate, grateful, emotional, sometimes touchy, angry, and just about everything (the whole package)! ;) We're simply two different, imperfect people, but we complement each other. That's what I think, anyways. :)

Anyways, this weekend was all about celebrating my sisters' birthdays. Yay! My parents came all the way from Kedah to my brother's house in Seri Kembangan (about 4-5 hours drive away) on Friday for Saturday's celebration. :) My sis-in-law's birthday was actually on Friday (30 July), while my sis' 1 August, which is today, or should I say yesterday (hehe). So, to make it simple, we celebrated it in between the dates, on 31 July. :) It was a wonderful family gathering. My family is small in number. There's only us 3 siblings (my brother, my sister and myself) the kids, which makes the current total of 7 adults and 5 kids. It was a really cozy feeling. Just us... I wished my fiance could join us, but he himself had his own family gathering. I couldn't be with him, and he couldn't be with me. Still, it felt OK, as our families were kept we're happy too. :)

Other than that, I did manage to go to a warehouse sale on Saturday morning... It was Alliance Cosmetics Warehouse Sale, where I got some nice make-up by Silky Girl and Revlon. A few lipsticks, lip balm, lip gloss, eyeshadow, etc...all under RM100 and at least a couple of years before expiring (checked the product's manufacturing/expiry dates before purchasing). Yay! :) Oh, I've managed to get some more of my handmade stuff going too. More lovely little brooches. Can't upload any photos at the moment, since my camera's totally out of battery and I need to charge it first (the battery's completely exhausted, the camera won't even turn on even when I connect the USB to my laptop here...hehe).

It's almost 12.30am now. I've been typing out this post whilst checking my mail and Facebook...hehehe... Working in the morning, so I'd better get some shut eye now. :)