Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to sleep...

Zzzzzzz... ;)

January 2012

The month is already just over halfway through, practically in the blink of an eye, I must say. :) I'll need to get a few of my posts I've been working on complete and post in this little blog of mine soon. Hehehe... In the midst of hectic everyday life, time is available. It's just that I need to find the right time to concentrate on this blog. Hehe. :)

Last year, the biggest event for me was the birth of my son. This year, to take on a huge move on my Master's work is definitely one of the biggest event I need to get through with... especially with my upcoming colloquium scheduled in mid February. Yikes! :p

Last year I simply registered first to get a place at the university. With my pregnancy, I had excuses to move rather slowly with my research work. ;) Yet, now with baby out (hehehe), I have to find the time to get more on my research done. Yes, there is a big responsibility towards my son and hubby and family, work, etc, etc, etc, but I'll get through things, insyaAllah. :) I'm very lucky to have an extremely supportive hubby, family and friends.

To be honest, having a Master's degree is something I've been trying to achieve ever since I was in uni. As I was bonded to my current company, I had to serve my time first instead of directly continuing my studies. Now that I have a good chance of pursuing my dream, I'll definitely not waste the opportunity. :)

I guess it all breaks down to good (if not excellent) time management, support, hard (smart) work, perseverance, and most importantly, faith. I can do it!!! :D

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

May the year be wonderful and filled with love. :D