Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tree Top Walk @ Sungai Sedim, Kedah

In November 2010, my husband and I managed to take a short trip to one of Kedah's many attractions, the Tree Top Walk at Sungai Sedim area. :)
It was actually a shortly planned trip. We were at my parents' home in Lunas for the weekend, to attend my best friend, Afifah's wedding. On Sunday before returning back home, we thought, why not go somewhere first? Due to various reasons, we were unable to go off for our honeymoon after our wedding (we just got married a couple of weeks before...hehehe). The Tree Top Walk sounded exciting. So, off we went to Sungai Sedim, which was about 45 mins drive away from my parents' place. :)
We're here! :)

Views from the pretty! (erm, excuse the feet...just wanted to take a pic of the wire mesh and the view straight down...hehehe)

All in all, it took us almost an hour to complete the less than 1000m walk (I can't remember the exact bridge length. Huhu). It felt refreshing being up there, among the trees, the soft breeze, crisp air...pure nature. Oh, it actually drizzled a little, but that just added soft mist to the area. Wonderful!

When we got down from the bridge @ Tree Top Walk, we went to enjoy the view and immerse our feet in the cool river at the bottom of the walk. It's just so pretty and serene there. Can't wait for another chance to visit the river again and have a proper picnic. :)