Sunday, May 22, 2011


Just wanted to share a photo of my birthday cake (though it's a little blurry. Hehehe). Isn't it cute? "Mummy-to-be". :D

Oh, not only is the cake lovely to look at. It was also extremely delicious! :) My nieces and nephews can certainly vote on that, as they enjoyed the cake so much. Loved watching them finishing up their cake slices. :D Many thanks to my wonderful brother and sis-in-law for the scrumptious cake, ya.

Though we celebrated together a day later (on 30th April, instead of on my actual birthday on 29th April), many thanks, love, and hugs to my hubby, parents, brother, sis-in-law, nieces, sister, bro-in-law, and nephews (my family, the lot of them...hehehe) for the heartwarming celebration. I love all of you very, very much! :)

Note: My darling hubby took me out to a rather expensive dinner the night before the family celebration (on my birthday). I truly enjoyed the dinner, Abg... :)

Another note (hehe): Next year I'll be celebrating my birthday with the addition of my own child, my own little family. Yay! :D


Lady Naza said...

yayyy!! but i cant help wondering kek apekah yg sgt sedap itu dn di manekah nak mendapatkannye??ahahah

dizzee said...

Hahahaha... Kek ni dibeli di Kedah laa, sbb celebrate ramai2 wif my family kat kampung masa long weekend Labor Day aritu. Sponge cake jer, choc n vanilla, but very, very yummy. Not too sweet n not too much cream. :)

Mama Kembar 3 said...

mmg sedap! tu pasai laa si fahmi makan abih one biggg slice :-)