Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally finalized

Dear Hubby and I have been contemplating quite a bit about where I'll be delivering our baby come this end September. We've been contemplating on this and that for quite some time. ;) Finally, we've finalized it on today (July 30th), which is my so-called "hospital day". Hahahaha...

So, the chosen hospital is KPMC Puchong, the nearest hospital to my house as well as ascertained to be a panel hospital for my company. Yay! Hehehe... This morning was my first antenatal check-up there. The facilities seem OK, the staffs and doctor were nice and most importantly during the check-up, my baby's doing fine and estimated to weigh 2.3 kg now (then). :D Next appointment is two weeks from now. I pray all goes well until after my delivery. :)

Next appointment was at DEMC Shah Alam, for my asthma check-up. Alhamdulillah, my asthma is getting better. Less wheezing and stuff, just a bit out of breath now and then due to my growing tummy. Hehehe... However, still need to monitor closely to avoid any complications.

Anyways, I need to complete my Kuching "babymoon" story / stories soon. The entry has been in my "Drafts" for quite some time now, but I've yet to finish it and furnish it with photos. Hehehe... Let's hope I can get the entry / entries done before I deliver my baby. Hehehehe... :D

* photos from Mr. Google :)

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