Friday, May 22, 2009

The "M" word... It's so funny... :p

I am contemplating on my personal budget. Basically, with my current pay, I am supposed to lead a more boring lifestyle! Hahaha... I can be quite spendthrift, I know. But well, I've worked hard to earn my pay, so why not spend on leisure some time?? :p

Anyways, I've just taken up life insurance the other day. Getting older (ehem...more mature), I really need to think on my finances. This month, need to cut costs down a bit here and there. Meaning, no Clarks warehouse sale tomorrow. Huhuhu... No worries... I can live without new shoes (already have quite a few, still-in-good-shape pairs stacked on my shoe shelve. Haha!). Whatever it is, hope I'll get my travel claims soon (a good RM500++). If I get it soon, that'll go towards my insurance's 1st month premium and savings. ;)

Other than that, I've just started taking supplements last week - Alpha Lipid Lifeline. Since the past couple of days, I am a wee bit more energized waking up in the mornings. (I still dread going off to work, but at least I no longer look as "soggy" and worn out as I used to! Hehehe!). Hope for more positive effects soon. I'll mention about the supplement again another time. :)

Right now, gonna go make me some thing to eat. Came home a bit late today, haven't had my dinner. Hungry! ^_^

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