Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well, chubby is definitely the word to describe my little baby boy. Hehehe... Adam Asyraf is 2 months old today, and growing healthily. Yay! ;)

Baby boy dozing off after a nice, good feed. Hehehe... :D

I've started sending him to the babysitter's for a few days now, half days instead of full days (i.e. from around 8.30am till 3.30pm only, instead of 7am-7pm like when I start working again next week). So far, so good. :) He seems to be happy enough at the sitter's, who's only two levels up from my house (erm, I live in a flat. Hehe). I hope he's in good hands while I'm away at work.

To be honest, hubby and I were (still are) very concerned about where to send Adam Asyraf when we're both at work. We went surveying to a number of day cares/nurseries and inquired on babysitters who advertised their services around our flat area. Taking good care of a baby, especially newborns/infants is not a responsibility many are willing to take. Our son is extremely precious (as all parents would feel about their child, right? Hehe), so of course we wanted to make sure he's in good hands when we're not there. There are many pros and cons, on both sending a child to a nursery and to a babysitter. I guess, the only thing to be done is to try and pray for things to be alright, right?

After thinking long and hard on various matters, we decided to try sending our son to the babysitter near our house. She's a grandma of two very cute little girls, and an ex-nursery and kindergarten teacher. Very friendly too. Hehehe... Only God knows what my feelings were at the moment I left him there for the first time. Well, I still do worry, and will probably always have this worrisome feeling, every time I leave him. ;)

Till today (although only a few days), all seems to be well. He looks well fed, well dressed, and in good mood when I pick him up from the sitter's. Hehehe... So, let's pray he's taken care well of at all times. Amiin. :)


Mama Kembar 3 said...

mmg chubbyyyy! geraaammmm! hehe

dizzee said...

Hehehe... Habislaa kena gomol ngan makngah Ahad ni. ;)