Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday morning

Today's already Friday, which means I'll already be working soon... Soon as in this upcoming Monday! Yikes! Has it really been just over 2 months since I gave birth to my little baby boy? My maternity leave is already coming to an end? My life as a working mama is starting soon? Wow! Hehehe...

Oh, and the date today is just beautiful... 15th Zulhijjah 1432H (15.12.32) and 11th November 2011 (11.11.11). Too bad I did not realize today's the 15th of Zulhijjah. Otherwise, I might have fasted yesterday and today, as today is one of the recommended days to fast in Islam. In Islam, it is not a good practice to fast on Fridays only. It has to be with another day, either the day before or the day after.

I guess I've kind of not really thought about fasting since I'm breastfeeding my little baby boy. While breastfeeding, I need to take in a fair amount of fluid / water to ensure the consistency of my milk production. It is possible to fast, but in my case, I think I'll need to consume some supplements first as at the moment, my milk production can be classified as just enough for my baby's daily needs. In other words, I rarely get to collect / pump extra for my baby. That's why I have to feed my baby both my breastmilk and formula. Huhuhu... Gone is my wish to exclusively breastfeed my baby. :(

Nevertheless, I've just learnt the "art" of power pumping i.e. pump a few minutes-pause a few minutes-pump a few minutes-pause a few minutes for about 1 hour. Hehehe... I may still not get that much per session (1 - 2 oz), but at least I get to clear my milk out while baby's asleep. :) I hope I can properly pump my milk once I start working. Will need to find the time and place to do so, without disturbing my work and other people.

Breastfeeding / pumping breastmilk for baby is definitely not easy, but it's a joy and pleasure that's indescribable. For my little son's well-being, why not, right? :)

Oh, Adam Asyraf is such a little strong boy (says this proud mama. Hehehe). Hubby and I took him for his 2 months immunization injection on Wednesday evening. The little boy barely cried out. Just a little sound after the injection and he fell asleep all the way home from the clinic. Hehehe... By the way, Adam Asyraf weighs a healthy 5kg at age of 2 months! :D

Awake after reaching home from the clinic. :)

Sound asleep after a nice, long feed yesterday evening. :)

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