Saturday, October 2, 2010

Raya! Raya! Raya! Part 2...

In the midst of preparation, as food just arrived... Yum! Yum! Looking at the pic, just realized that the 3 of us (myself, Kak Liza, Razman) at the table were in shades of pink! Hehehe...

Some of the menu for the event. :) Mouth-watering watermelon, delicious festive cookies (traditional & modern ones), lemang, roti jala... Yum, yum, yum! :D

Preparation got done earlier than expected (by 3.30pm. The event was scheduled to start at 4pm, when everyone available that day, is available. Hehe). So, everyone back to their own work first, before the event officially begins... Well, work still needs to get done, right? ;)

Arrival of the engineers, led by our Manager, En. Rahim (smartly dressed in full Baju Melayu attire)... Hehehe... We didn't actually plan our arrival from the upstairs office to be in a flock, like this... It just happened that we were all at the office and En. Rahim led us all to the lab downstairs. Haha!

In the previous post, pic of the ladies were posted. Now, here's a pic of the men of System Testing. :) Almost all of them were there, minus a few. :)

Oh, we also mass-celebrated (is that the correct expression?? Hehe) August and September's birthdays that day. Aren't the cupcakes just lovely? (after tasting, also yummy!) Oh, simply chose the "football field" theme as only the "boys" celebrated their birthdays within those two months. Hehehe...

Well, the event was a success, in my honest opinion. Everything went on nicely. Slight hiccups here and there, but nothing significant. :)
Selamat Hari Raya, everyone! :D

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