Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More weddings! :D

It's the school holidays season and weddings are definitely in the air. Hehehe... My cousin, Abg. Muhsin's wedding reception was held on 28th Nov. 2010, while hubby's aunt, MakCik Dalin (Dalina), tied the knot last Saturday, 4th Dec. 2010. Lovely! :)

Abg. Muhsin & his beautiful bride, Bazilah

Family photo: Kak Muna (groom's eldest sis) standing beside the groom, MakTeh Zawariah sitting in front of the groom, Abg. Mursyid (groom's older bro) with his daughter Alisha & wife, Fara, and the groom's mother, my aunt MakLang Zaleha. :)

- Wedding reception at Abg. Muhsin's family home in Kuala Kangsar (I totally love the silver theme, which I totally matched with my engagement dress...hehehe... too bad I forgot to take a photo of myself throughout the reception. Hehe!)

The bride waiting for her groom... :D

The gorgeous MakCik Dalin & Pakcik Azlan (with Makcik Dalin's sons, Qairan & Qaif)
- Wedding reception was held at Jeram, Kuala Selangor. Pakcik Azlan's reception will be on this Saturday (11th Dec. 2010 in Merbok, Kedah)

Oh, hubby & I went to Abg. Muhsin's reception with my sister's family i.e. with the triplets. Haha! We (the 7 of us) managed to fit in rather comfortably in my hubby's Grand Livina. :) Here's a couple of pics of my sis' family seated in the 2nd and 3rd row seats...

Erm... I couldn't manage to take better pics, since I just turned myself around in the car to snap the pics. Hehe... Oh! Below's one of my fave pics from Abg. Muhsin's reception... My nieces, Hanisah, Alisha (Abg. Mursyid's baby gal), and Sakinah. Pretty, cheerful lil' gals! :D

There's like at least another 2 weddings by the end of the year, that I'd love to attend. My officemates, Zuhdi (who's also my uni. junior) & Azlin's reception on 25th Dec. 2010 (Alor Setar, Kedah) and Md. Noor & Anis on 26th Dec. 2010 (in Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan). Hmm...the two venues are pretty much in opposite directions from one another. Let's hope I'll manage to attend both, since both of them made way to attend my wedding reception in Kedah. :)

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