Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me happy!

I am super duper happy!!! Why?? Because a very old friend of mine contacted me via my FB last night! Yay! Carol Anne, thank you so much for being able to track me. Hehehe... That statement kinda make it seem like I was on missing persons' list or trying to hide from her or something. :p

Anyways, we go a loooong way back. She's one of my closest (and first!) friends I ever had when I was living in Glasgow, Scotland. Thanks to her, and many others, she made me feel welcomed and ignored my differences (I was practically the only Malaysian student in the school! Haha!).

Gosh, I guess I'm quite on a roll these past couple of weeks, finding old friends back via FB. Last week, I got in touch with a few of my high school friends, and this week, Carol Anne found me. :) I'm happy! :D

Oh, I plan to go survey/purchase some more charms or crystals (embelishments) for my DIY stuff. I've made a few more things, but haven't been able to upload them yet. Something wrong with my Internet connection at home. I'm at the office right now...Ooops, almost 7pm...time to go! ;)

PS: My mama called me earlier today. She and my dad are doing well in Makkah, and performing their Hajj nicely. Therefore, another thing that made me happier! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Dalila how lovely to see this post! I'm enjoying reading all your blog posts and catching up with at least a couple of years that I've missed. Once I'm finished I'll be writing that long email to you! CA xxx