Sunday, November 29, 2009

Need more time...

I know I haven't been properly updating this for quite some time. Well, life's been pretty full, ups and downs, happy and sad, etc, etc, etc. However, I have been doing quite a bit of "crafting"...which unfortunately I can't share yet the photos at the moment, coz my camera battery is totally out and I need to re-charge it first. Even plugging the USB to the PC is not helping at the moment (since the battery's completely exhausted! Hehe).

Anyways, this long 4-day weekend (due to the AidilAdha celebrations) has seem to pass as quickly as it came. No, I did not get a lot of my office work done (although I planned to complete them as much as possible). :p But, I did manage to leisurely watch a number of the Korean and Japanese dramas/shows that I've downloaded some time ago. Finally watched them...hehehe... Now, my eyes are pretty sore from watching too many dramas and not getting enough sleep! Oh, how it reminds me of my uni weekends...hahaha! ;)

Whatever it is, I had a good time on Thursday, watching two movies back-to-back at the theater. "Ninja Assassin" and "New Moon" (poster photos taken from

Overall, I really enjoyed both movies, immensely! Hahaha... didn't think I was gonna enjoy Ninja Assassin all that much, with all the gory, bloody scenes and all, but I did enjoy watching it. The plot and acting were pretty OK. I've actually been anticipating this movie for quite some time, since Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) is the main actor in it. Being an avid fan of his, I've been staying updated with his activities. So, this movie has been quite some time coming. Finally, I got to watch it, and I am happy I did. ;) I miss Rain! Can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I went to his concert is Jan. 2007. He's a really good entertainer. :)

Regarding New Moon, I definitely enjoyed watching it (already planning to watch it 2nd time with a few friends from office next week. Hehe)... I loved the cinematography and all. the CGI not too bad (better than Twilight, I should say). In a nutshell, loved the movie! ;)
Friday was AidilAdha celebration. I had an overall good time too that day. Since my parents are away performing their Hajj, I went over to my sister's on Thusday. Tagged along with her to her mother-in-law's on Friday morning. Once the triplets settled down with their grandma and uncles, my sister and I took our chance and went off to a book sale. Hehehe... We're pretty much bookworms (or should I say, "novelworms"?? :p), so, can't let the chance pass by! ;)

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale was crazy! The books were really cheap, and mostly in (very) good condition. I managed to grab 5 novels, at only RM40! Hehehe... Actually went to the venue (Armcorp Mall, PJ) on Thursday, but the traffic and queue were crazy. I went round and round for parking for about 4 times (circa 1 hour) before finally giving up and went off (and ended up with the back-to-back movie watching! Hehe). Oh, the novels that I bought are also the reason for me having sore eyes and not getting enough sleep. Whenever I felt tired of watching dramas on my PC, I turn to my novels. :D

Finished reading Harlan Coben's "The Woods" Friday night. Currently finishing up on Norah Roberts "Valley of Silence", book 3 from her "The Circle Trilogy". I've finally collected all 3 books. Yay! :)

OK, it's close to midnight now. I'd better be off to bed. Plenty of work waiting in the morning... :p

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