Friday, October 2, 2009


Erm, how do I elaborate on this? The truth is, I've dropped the programme since last semester. :( Too much hassle, with the administration... not with my supervisor. My supervisor and I have an understanding of how to work things out together, in terms of my research work and all. However, administration issues made me become demotivated. Heck, after about 2 semesters (going to 3) of going back and forth to settle matters within my department, I decided to call it quits. I do not like to quit on things I've started on, but regarding my Masters, at that time, it was best to stop for a while.

Maybe the issues had a reason for happening. The unjust termination, missing documents, me not making copies of the approved and later missing documents, quarrel between the lecturers, etc. At the same time, work was getting a bit way too much for me, and I really was moving slowly (though steadily) with my research work.

Yet, fear not, I still have a deep passion within me, to proceed with further education. Hehe... Maybe it was destined that I quit my Masters last semester, to have other chances in life. I will hold a Masters degree one day. :) Currently, I'm looking into several universities which offer Masters degree in Materials Engineering. At the same time, also surveying for any scholarship chances, to help me out with my proposed study. If not in biomaterials, I am definitely interested in advanced materials such as composites. Engineering Management sounds good too, right?? Hehe...

OK, getting back to work right now. ;)

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