Thursday, October 1, 2009


After such a long holiday (1 full week!), getting back on track at work seems to be such a burden. Hahaha! Still, work is work...and neverending at that too. :p These few days, the office seemed extra cold (well, the air-conditioning was somehow set at 21 degC...bbbrrrrrr...). :p

Anyways, here's a few photos taken during last week's break. busy playing with my nieces and nephews, and entertaining guests, that I didn't manage to snap more photos. Didn't even have a photo of my self and other family members in our Raya garbs. :p The photos were taken using my mobile phone camera, so not the best of resolutions. ;)

The triplets watching TV... guess who is who. (Even I can't recognize which one is who, looking at their backs. Hehehe...). The boys just had their hair cut by my brother-in-law the week before, since their hair was becoming too "disorganized". The boys also seemed to get their fingers tangled with the curls, during their "hair-grabbing" sessions - play time, fight time, I-need-to-grab-on-something-while-I-try-to-walk time, etc.... Hehe...

Little Fahmi and Mak Usu (I am the youngest from 3 siblings = bongsu = usu, as I am tenderly called by my nieces and nephews)... I managed to snap a quick self photo of him with me, before he "ran off" to play with his brothers. :)

The Hari Raya break was definitely memorable. Not a day left doing nothing. :)

Ok, this post has been pretty long (well, a bit long with the photos! Hehe). So, next post will contain other stuffs. ;)

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