Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Something's definitely not right with my PC, and internet connection. It seems that the USB channels of my PC are kinda rebelling against me. Huhuhu... I can't seem to plug-and-play anything to it. When I tried my external drive on my office PC earlier today, it was OK. However, my home PC is acting up a bit. :p

Can't even transfer photos from my camera to my PC. Huhuhu... I so wanted to share the items I've gotten by post last week, as well as the bookmarks I've made using those items. :p

Urgh...guess I'll just share the photos another time. Same goes with my internet connection. It seems to be going "on and off" on its own tonight. Urgh...annoying.

Let's forget about that for a bit. All in all, I had a pretty good day today. Just got news that my parents will be going to Mecca next week, for the pilgrimage (Hajj). Alhamdulillah...praise to the almighty God. :D

That said, I need to go to bed soon. I'll be attending a technical seminar on polyamide (nylon) tomorrow, in Petaling Jaya. Going there together (car-pool) with a colleague. We're supposed to meet at the office around 7am...which means I need to leave home by 6.45am. Yikes! Gotta wake up early. ;)

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