Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another post for today...hehehe...
Anyways, just got my admissions letter, or should I say, offer letter to IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) the other day. If all fares well, I'll be furthering my studies there this July. :)

It'll be solely by research (and very little coursework) Masters of Science in Materials Engineering. Unless my supervisor thinks of another idea (hehehe), the research project will be known as "Development of Dense Hydroxyapatite-Carbon Nanotube Composites for Load Bearing Bone Implants, via Chemical Vapor Deposition Process". Fuh! That was a lot to mention in a single breath... heheh...

Just a little info. Hydroxyapatite (known in short as HA) is an inorganic mineral that makes up our bones. If I'm not mistaken, 70% of our bone composition comprises or is made up of HA. It can also be found in out teeth. Meanwhile, chemical vapor deposition is briefly a method for producing high-purity solid materials that are also high in performance. This method is widely used in the semiconductor industry, and now growing in biomedical/biotechnology areas. Now, I need to get back to my books and more literature reviews so that I can better remember all that I've studied whilst in Uni...and not convey the wrong ideas/concepts here. Hahaha...

Anyways, let's hope I do well for my Masters. Work will be getting more hectic soon, right about the time I start my research work. But it's OK. I'll balance things out. (we'll see, once I do start my research! Haha!)

Whatever it is, work is still priority. Undertaking Masters is my dream, sort of like a quest to quench my thirst for knowledge. It's not for satisfying other people, but to satisfy myself...sort of an achievement target for me. Although it's going to take quite some time to complete (at least 4 yrs! yikes!), but like I said, it's for my own personal satisfaction...and hopefully, with the findings from my research, I can somehow contribute to the world.

Dalila, hwaiting!! ;)

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