Sunday, June 8, 2008

Engineering Grads

It has been a full weekend! Whoa... Haha... One of my best friends came for a sleepover on Friday nite, and another came last nite. When us girls get together, well, definite late nite chats and activities (ehem...heheh).

Went to the office yesterday morning. Our company's having a Technology Day or Open Day this coming July, so the place has to be in tip top condition for our guests (the public). We had spring cleaning activities and sorts. :) Some of the pics of the guys hard at work:

Came back from office, got ready to go to another one of my best friend's engagement "party". She looked absolutely gorgeous (siap dgn bulu mata ala "Bella" tuh... hehe). We r a group of 5 best friends, since college. Here's a pic of us best friends, minus 1, since she became our photographer... huhu... and I'm the one in white tudung. ;)

Just an overview, all of us studied Engineering in IIUM. I'm a Materials Engineering graduate. Afifah (in grey) took Manufacturing, the pretty Naza took Communications, and Shazeela took Mechatronics. And not to forget, our dear photographer, Kak Ina took Manufacturing. Wait, here's a pic of Kak Ina :)

After spending time at Naza's, it was time to leave. Minus the pretty princess of the day, the four of us headed to the infamous Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman's Saturday nite market in KL. It's been so long since we went. It wasn't really to shop, just to waste time. Hahah! It was fun to get together after so long. Each of us work at different places. Two of us in Selangor (myself and Afifah) while Shazeela and Kak Ina in KL, and Naza in Johor. KL and Selangor may be close, but our schedules limit our meetings. That's why yesterday was such a good day, because we managed to get together. :)
Kak Ina's working today... Kak Ina, hwaiting!! :D

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hehe..nak gamba nih..nak2..hehe.