Monday, June 16, 2008


Hmm, a weekend without a single post... well, I have been a bit busy with this and that... not to be revealed in this blog... hehehe... ;)
Anyways, my department had a bowling tournament today at Summit Super Bowl at Summit USJ. There were 27 participants; 5 ladies and 22 men. Although it was hot (so called, "sauna bowling" due to air-conditioning breakdown!), the afternoon had been good. My scores were only so-so. Done better in the past (more like during my high school years. Yikes!). But overall, it had been a good game. :)
My interest in bowling spurred when I was in the UK, when I followed my dad to watch Malaysian students hold a bowling tournament at one of the bowling alleys in town. However, at that time, my allowance wasn't enough to allow me to spend on such things (saving money for other things...hehe).
I actually started bowling in 1998, just for fun with friends. It was so funny the 1st time I tried. I could hardly manage to get 50 points (the best "pencuci longkang" of the day!)! Hahaha... I've never really been that good. At times I can score big (over 160 points), but most of the time, scoring 100 points is luck enough. Hehehe...
Too bad I don't have any photos to upload here at the moment. Didn't bring my camera along to the tournament, and didn't manage to snap any photos with my mobile phone. Huhuhu...

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