Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's almost 8pm...I've just got home, totally worn out! Not so much because of work, but of playing tennis after work! Haha...

I've not played for soooooo many years. Even when I played last time, can I really call it tennis?? It was actually try-ur-best-to-hit-the-ball kinda game, where most of the time I just ended up chasing after the ball, instead of hitting it. More so, I don't know the rules of the game! Well, it was still good exercise. Hehehe... Erm, body's starting to ache now... Aiyaks!! ;)

Hmm, what else interesting today?? Oh yeah, we had free lunch at the office today. Yay! A few of my kind colleagues at the office treated everyone to lunch, which was of course scrumptious. Good food, good companions = good lunch. :) Thanks, people!

Another nice event at the office today was our Family Day meeting. I was suddenly appointed as the chairperson for the meeting. Huhuhu... But I have to admit, it was a rather fun experience, because not too much (if any) formalities. :) Our section is planning to have a Family Day this coming July, at Pangkor Island, Perak. Yay! Sincerely hope things will go as planned. I really wanna have this break, somewhere not in the city. Sort of a change in panorama. ;)

Ok, gotta go have a quick shower... Who knows...maybe I'll be back with more post(s) later this evening. Hehehe... :D

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