Monday, June 9, 2008

A brief look into Materials Engineering

As per mentioned in the previous post, my best friends and I all practically took different Engineering majors in IIUM. I'll start with my major.

Materials Engineering. What is it? Also known as Materials Science, Materials Engineering is practically an interdisciplinary engineering field that involves the properties of matter, solid and/or non-solid structures,and its applications in various industries.

In IIUM, other than metallurgy (which in brief is the study of metals/metallic compounds), materials students are also taught the processing and manufacturing of polymers, ceramics, and composite materials, materials process design, as well as the basics in optical and electronics properties of materials.
Approching final year (by 4th year in Uni), students are given several choices of elective subjects, that usually encompasses advanced materials. These electives include:
- Smart Materials
- Nanomaterials
- Fine Ceramics
- Electron Microscopy
- Sol-Gel Technology and Synthesis of Materials
- Polymer Physics
and a few more.

My personal interest is in Composites/Advanced Composites and Nanotechnology. I did my final year project on low-cost, light-weight composites for use in the automotive industry (no wonder now I work in the automotive industry, huh?? Hehehe). I actually wanted to do my Masters in the same topic, but too bad my previous supervisor is no longer attached to IIUM and there is currently no one to continue his work/supervise me. So, now I'm turning to biomaterials, which is also my interest. Truth be told, I'm interested in any field involving materials. :)

I've really got to go to bed now... Slept too much this afternoon (over an hour!! huhuhu), that's why I'm still awake at this time. But I've gotta sleep like right now, because gotta work in the morning.... Oops! ;)

Anyways, if there is any of the stuff mentioned above that isn't familiar to you e.g. sol-gel technology, just look it up in the Search above. You'll definitely be directed to quite a number of links. :)

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