Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lab Equipments & Consumables

I work in the testing department (testing lab, to be more specific) in an automotive company. As mentioned in the previous post, several of my colleagues and I attended the LAB 2008 Exhibition at KLCC this afternoon.

As expected, there were various lab-related equipments on display, with participation from international exhibitors, such as Singapore and Korea. The equipments displayed were from worldwide manufacturers and distributors, among them being National Instruments, PerkinElmer, Mettler Toledo, BioFocus, PLT Scientific, and many more. There were so much to see. Many were relevant to my lab, and many were not...but they were all still interesting. It sorts of give an insight to what others are doing in their labs, e.g. bio-related/medical labs (biofuels, animal-testing labs, etc).

Anyways, took quite a few brochures and product catalogs along the way. Will browse through them sometime with my lab members, see if any are of interest. Couldn't really remember all the explanations given by the various exhibitors just now. Another batch from my section will be going to the exhibition tomorrow. Hope they can get more info, because I'm pretty sure I must've missed some. ;)

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