Monday, June 9, 2008


Feeling much better now, but still a little restless/tired. Doctor did warn me of fatigue due to my "bowel movements". Huhuhu...

Anyways, picked up my package at Pos Laju today, after going to the clinic. It's official, in black and white, that I've been accepted for Masters of Science in Materials Engineering. Yay! What I need to do now is get the money (fees!) ready... Hahah...

First thing first, I really need to seriously brush up on my knowledge. Need to find my past texbooks and notes, which I'm pretty sure are stashed in the boxes under my bed, under layers of accumulated dust (hahaha). At least I've found my Chemistry book. Like this book a lot, had it since my matriculation years and is still in very good condition. :) It's called "Chemistry - The Central Science", Eigth Edition by Brown, LeMay, and Bursten.

Since I'll be delving into biomaterials, I'll need to go back to my "Ceramics and Biomedical Materials" notes too. It was one of my fave subjects in Final Year. :)

Taken from my past lecture notes - Biomaterials are artificial non-drug substances suitable for inclusion in biological systems which augment, repair or replace the function of bodily tissues or organs. Biomaterials include:-
- Bioceramics
- Biomedical Polymers
- Surgical Alloys, and
- Biomedical Composites

From the above mentioned biomaterials, they can be categorized into four types:
- Biotoxic : tissue surrounding the material dies
- Bioinert : fibrous tissue forms around the material
- Bioactive : interfacial bonds are formed between material and surrounding tissue
- Bioresorbable : surrounding tissue replaces the dissolved material

Among the uses of bioceramics are for:
- Orthopedic load-bearing applications
- Coatings for chemical bondings (orthopedic, dental, maxillofacial prosthetics)
- Artificial tendon and ligaments, and
- Dental implants.

Several of the most common biomaterials used for orthopedic applications include titanium alloy, UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), PMMA (poly(methyl metacrylate)), alumina, zirconia, and hydroxyapatite (HA), to name a few.

I think that should be enough for tonight's "class". Hehehe... Will be back with more another time. As I jot down these info in my post(s), it helps me to revise as well. (Kinda like the saying, "Two stones in one throw"). :)

ps: Any unfamiliar words that need more detail, just search in the Search bar on my site. :)

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